Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Plan: 2 pounds weekly for 15 weeks (Good Plan)

No, it won't be easy - but I have my head and my heart set on it. I've been dieting, exercising, drinking the water, doing all the right things and somewhere along the way the dreaded plateau has decided to take up residency around my mid section. The picture you see is my gut after it was invaded last January 28, in about 15 weeks or so it will be 1 year - this is very important to me. They say the surgery sets you back, and it did believe me, but I want to also show that it can be a stepping stone, a launch pad for the belief in one's self. I can do this, and my body is going to help.

Before my emergency surgery to remove a terribly rude gallbladder (one stone, can you believe it? It was the size of Houston, but it was just one.) I had a 30 pounds in 90 day diet plan. It was working too - working so much and so well, that my gallbladder couldn't keep up with the changes and BAM - it attacked me. I'd say it won, but it died. It was eliminated - I was the victorious one, but to look at the 7" scar on my belly one might think differently. I could have it surgically enhanced and have part of it's thickness removed since it wasn't suppose to be THAT big of a deal - but decided not to - it's a badge of honor to me now. God helped me through this - He was with me, and He'll see me through to the end of the plan I'm sure.

I use binaural beats to clear my head and my body of any active stress now. I just hook up the headphones here and listen to them right off of YouTube - it's great. Some of the frequencies are for stress, some for confidence. I don't know about you, but I don't need any more confidence - not unless I'm planning on taking on a small country - my belly's big yes, but not that big. I've decided to YouTube the beats for weight loss and exercise, repeat them over and over and think carefully about what I eat, when I eat it, how I eat, and what I could do that would cause my body to burn more fat - 2 pounds a week is very very healthy, not out of the question and in 15 weeks I will be where I want to be. Of course that may lead to another surgery, but this one would be voluntary - to remove skin...make me pretty. I think I'll take a picture of Laura into the surgeon for consult and see what he/she can do....if I take one of Caity in he/she will laugh at me....YOU WANT WHAT? Hahahahaha (Laura's 5'8" 130, Caity's 5'5" 110) At least with Laura's size 7 I could come closer to the truth - closer.

My goals are simple - work hard, play hard. My dreams are far more complex - but I can do this. I'm a Scorpio Red-headed Celtic woman....I can do anything!

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