Friday, September 26, 2008

Sushi - A Fashion Statement

My Little SeaGirl

It's not enough to eat seaweed, no, if you want to make a statement you gotta wear it! You gotta put it on, feel it. You gotta want this! Or, and please, don't do this if you haven't got the body to show it off. I get really upset about the fact that I don't only NOT have the body to pull off the waves of ocean kelp, I never had that body! Even when I as younger, Caity's age, i had hips, I had squareness...she just looks great in everything virtually nothing at all.

There are benefits to raising a little girl with this type of gorgeous - I get to play publicist when she releases the photos and maybe we can get them licensed and make a poster for the kid to sell and pay her way through college. I'm thinking she's going to take something in culinary arts, or maybe think?

Actually the real reasoning behind the seaweed photos is simply that with these and other memorable creative designs, Baby Girl can send her entire port folio to a group or two and make her move in the world of underground modeling - like Fight, no, we don't talk about it. Whisper it only - "Did you see Gremlin in her latest underground modeling show?" "Does she really have 6 tattoos?" Why am I whispering - this is a blog! Caity comes up with these really cool ideas for her modeling and I have no idea how she thinks them up. I don't have a clue as to what goes on in her mind, but it sure seems interesting. Sometimes I steal her diary or camera just to see what's boiling.

OK...bottom line - and in this case "hip and chest line" - the girl makes me sick! Not sick in the sense that I want to throw up, but sick in the way that I want to scream "It's not FAIRRRRRR"....but hey, life isn't always fair. I have something she doesn't have - great kids!

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