Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PEOPLE Magazine Comes out Friday!!

NO COVER UP STORIES !! Just the fun facts

Well, it's true, finally it's true...PEOPLE is releasing the issue with Faith and our family featured in the middle of the magazine, with John McCain and his family on the front! I'm telling you what - He doesn't even have a two-legged dog! How come he gets on the cover? Hahahaa, OK...I'm joking. Sort of.

Laura isn't mentioned in the magazine either, and that's a bit upsetting, so I wanted to tell the world I HAVE ANOTHER DAUGHTER NAMED LAURA, AND SHE'S ACTUALLY THE REAL OWNER OF MY DOG FAITH!! There, I said it, and the world now realizes it. Caity was really fun that day, and she was feeling left out so they put a little more attention into her, and it ended up on the coverage. In fact, you won't see me, you won't see Reuben, and there he was getting his make up on for nothing! I just called him to tease him about that one.

Laura said as long as I take her with me on the radio and talk show tour to be seen and possibly to sing she'll be OK with letting Caity have the limelight in PEOPLE. I guess she's going to have to be OK with it - it's a done deal. The copies hit the stands in 2 days. We got the call from another Laura who works for the magazine in New York City. She informed me that the talk shows were interested in having us on, and she wanted to have my permission to tell the Today Show my telephone number: but of course! Thank you. I think she mentioned Rachel Ray may want us on the show too, and that would be an excellent place for both Laura and Caity! They don't spend nearly enough time in the kitchen, and they're prettier than I am.

Reuben is back in Alaska...he'll have to call in if he's interviewed. He deploys in 11 days, so he'll have to take a few copies with him to show off his little dog. I do wish they would have taken Reuben's picture for the magazine and shown off his 4 or 5 day beard. He was so proud of it....he pet it all the time, and threatened to marry it every now and again. He really really misses it when he's in the Army. I love the scruffy boy.

OK...back to Laura...I'm feeling both guilt and sadness that she isn't in the coverage at all. It seems that Caity is usually left out, so it is good that she's been given the opportunity to show off her smile and size 0 body - mean child! I hope the world will take notice of my little red-headed baby girl too - listen to her sing at and someday when you see her out on the streets in L.A. singing in Japanese - shout out "I love you Laura!!!" It really will make up for the Caity-day! (I'm proud of all of my babies....and soooo thankful to PEOPLE..seriously, thank you Johnny Dodd for your work in making this happen!!) Chin up Laura...Chin up! Rupert Grint will always love you.

Hey Oprah, can we come back on and talk about this? Laura can sing for you!!! Caity can model her new seaweed bikini....maybe.

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