Friday, September 12, 2008

Caity is Booking for Invitation-Only Parties!

I'll even throw in her big sister Laura if you invite her.

Caity's head is only a dozen times bigger today than it was yesterday or the day before. She's in PEOPLE magazine, three separate pictures and believe it or not she's already been asked to sign autographs, talk on radio shows and be the life of a party tonight in Bricktown (a part of downtown Oklahoma City). We did do something fun today. The magazine is out, and people were standing around at the bookstore in the mall reading various articles about this or that. No one was picking up PEOPLE because John McCain's family was on it and Caity walked up to a group of kids and said "Hey, this looks like a great magazine. I wonder if I'm in it." The kids gave her that "You Wish" look and turned around. She opened it up to page 109 and said "Oh wait, there I am!" and left it with them to stare and gawk.

She and I walked around the mall and those kids were all over her. They were asking her to sign their copies, they were asking her to go to lunch, they were wanting her to show off her tattoos. One lady stopped her and asked where she bought her shirt! That one always makes us laugh. Look closely at the white and black shirt Caity is wearing in the PEOPLE magazine - it's a skirt! She borrowed a skirt from the closet of her Godmother Trudy. Trudy owns the house we are always seen "living" in when we film or do photo shoots. It's much prettier than mine, and besides, I don't have to clean my house that way! LOL - when the woman asked Caity where she got the shirt Caity replied "Oh, it's from a little bouquet on the NW side called Trudy's". We laughed. She showed up that day in a black tank top and everyone shook their heads and pointed her upstairs....she obviously made a good choice. It also proves how diverse she can be, and how resourceful.

Well, here's the problem - I have to put up with her grinning, smiling, dancing, laughing, giggling and being all excited. If I thought it was bad that she gets recognized on the local streets for her band-management antics and street dancing, I'm in for a real pick-me-up when we go to NYC and everyone wants her to show up wearing the skirt/shirt! ("Did you bring the skirt/shirt?") Maybe they can make a new line of clothes for her too - CAITY Casuals. Laura and I know the truth. We know Laura was 100% behind the whole push Caity to the forefront thing - she never seems to get the attention that she deserves and this time - well, we get to watch her have a little fun. But boy is she obnoxious about it! We were in the store and she made me push her in the grocery cart because she's too famous to walk! Hahahaha

I love my kid - Laura told me not to worry - it's just the first time! Laura is in the magazines a few more times - she's used to it. It's Caity's turn. As for Reuben, he could care less - he got a call this morning from a Houston paper and he said he wanted to hand the phone off to Track Palin, let him answer the questions for a while. That's funny!

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The Whitfields said...

Hi Jude! You don't know me, but I saw your blog when I was on your website. I had a friend send me an email about Faith & anyway, I ended up reading the People article & I looked up your website.

I have two handicapped cats (my girls only have 3 legs) & a golden retriever. I love animals & I just wanted to tell you what a joyful creature Faith is & you are doing a wonderful job with her. I wish more people understood that handicapped animals are the same as others. I know so many people passed over my girls before I adopted them because they were missing limbs.

God Bless! Oh & Faith should have made the cover! :)

Sarah Whitfield