Monday, September 8, 2008

Bloopers and Troopers!

OOOPS....I got the call!

These two met last night, and not under the best of circumstances. I completely doubt it was THIS particular Oklahoma State Trooper that pulled my little baby girl over for speeding - and yes, she admitted to it. He was a very very kind man and she was a very very polite girl! If there's ONE thing I've instilled and drilled (hopefully) into the minds and hearts of my children it would be to be respectful if you are stopped. There is no way out of a situation if you're rude, and even if you aren't going to be getting out of the ticket, you can limit the aggression, the frustration, and the humiliation by just keeping your tongue in check....which Caity did, and I was so proud of her for having done so.

She immediately called me when it happened and I immediately asked if she was OK. I have always been more concerned about the baby than the car, so yes it was my first question. "I'm fine Mom, I love you, I'm so sorry. Here's the police man." Well, he wasn't a police officer, but a highway patrol officer. She was on the freeway and even according to him she was only going a few miles over the limit. But, as he told me, he thought she was 14. It's understandable. She's very small, petite and cute - she could be mistaken for 14. She's been mistaken for 14 before too, when we first bought Steve - in fact, the day we got Steve! She wasn't driving her brother was and it was in his car, but I remember Steve being mentioned because the police man expected me to pull up in another car - the kids didn't know I had purchased the Focus. The trooper on that day stopped Reu because he saw a man in his 20's going down an extremely dark road in the country with what looked like a 14 year old girl. I was called in to identify my children - Caity didn't have her I.D. on her. Guess what, she hasn't changed. She didn't' have it on her last night either!

Tickets aside, it could have been so much worse. Caity didn't know my insurance carrier, she didn't know if she was covered, she didn't have her I.D., and she was out past 2:00 a.m. looking like a minor. She tried to talk her way out of the ticket, but after the 3rd time being told no, she was getting them, she began telling the nice Trooper all about her brother Reuben and how he's being deployed. That eased the tension a bit, and allowed the Trooper's heart to melt enough to call me and verify that she was indeed my kid, she was driving my car with permission, she was 18, and we did have her under the insurance plan...thank you All State. So, what do you do when you are faced with 3 tickets totalling more than $400 and you just barely make enough to keep yourself in cigarettes and shoes? Well, I'd say give up smoking - but I think Caity is going to move in with a friend without paying rent, do their cooking and cleaning (as if) and get a little extra money from a second job for a while - I'm thinking Walgreens. They called yesterday just in time. birth them, you love them, you train them. You pray. At least she's safe, unharmed, knows she is suppose to carry the I.D., and she was polite - insistent, but nice. I think the funny thing about this, if you can look beyond the fact that she's being set back again by the arm of the that she told the Trooper about her shooting skills and how she's saving money to buy a good air pistol to practice for the Olympic try outs. She said he was impressed. Let's hope the judge in ADULT court is as nice as her juvenile judge often.

I love my brat, I love my brat, I love my brat.....mental exercise.

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