Thursday, September 18, 2008

501c3 Charitable Foundation for Faith

Faithy Baby Smiling

SO many people have asked us to show up and be with them, but we can't be at all the places and people because believe it or not, I'm not rich. My mom tells me that I would give away every penny God gave me if He let me win the lottery, and my agent agreed! I do give away too much, but that sometimes means I suffer. Take this week for example - I helped a few people out financially, and then I got hit by a woman who didn't have insurance and since I only had liability I'm stuck! I am hoping however that my good friends at Freeman Collision Center in Oklahoma City (405) 942-6455 just in case you're apt to call and thank Todd, will do it for free. I told him I'd blog about it, and I told him I'd go to several churches in the area to do a testimonial - telling 15,000+ in our own area how great he is for working on Steve for nothing!! He was there when I needed him - I hope he says yes, but you know what, even if he says no, I'll tell the people - he was kind to me when I needed him to be. Friends are great - and I thank him.

My point is I don't have the money some may think I do just because I have a famous dog. Nope, fame and fortune do not hold hands in this household - yet. I love my positive thinking methods, and I will be able to soon be able to do what I believe we were meant to do - and that's to be with as many as we can be. I'm going to be proactive and make this happen. I don't believe in sitting on your laurels - I believe in hard work, faith, putting out the word, getting out the lead and just busting your butt until your dreams come true. Some people think I was Teddy Roosevelt in another life - OK..I'm good with that thought! Maybe so! Maybe I have a big mouth and carry a big stick careful! My brother was into baseball for years, he taught me everything I know about swinging it hard and steady! BAM! (Baseball has always been what we did before football season started...a way to pass time.)

Well, I'm getting off my duff tomorrow in fact, and I'm filing papers or learning more about filing papers to start a non-profit. I wanted to do this before for another cause, but I couldn't get the D.A. or anyone in my court system to help me. This time it's for me, for Faith, the communities that need us, and the world at large - see how I included everyone possible? I want to make this a very big deal. I'm going to start a foundation, accept lots and lots of donations and contributions and I'm going to see to it that Faith and I can get to as many people as we can who would ordinarily not be able to pay - that's going to be schools, hospitals, and churches I'm sure, but there are other places too. I want to be sure and let corporations and organizations who can pay to be a part of the deal too. They can contribute part of the it, the foundation can, and we'll get as many people visited as possible.

My friend asked me if I realized I was suppose to take a salary. I assumed I'd take a salary, but she explained to me that I have to take a normal salary so that it will be a regular position and not undercut my fee to save the foundation money. That's going to be hard for me. I give things away as I said before, but I've got an attorney who will select the right amounts for me to accept. She's done this before. I told her I needed a car that was more reliable than Steve - he's a 2005 Focus but he's got nearly 100,000 miles now and most of them were put on traveling around with Faith - so Steve will be retired, but don't worry I won't buy that Lexus 400 I want with the foundation money - I promise. Just something good, something reliable, and I'll keep track of every mile, every gallon of gas, and everywhere we go. Steve can take me to the store and back, the bank, the post office. He won't know what to do with all of his spare time in the drive way. (as if, Caity will take him shopping!)

So, this is really good news. I'm looking into it tomorrow and I'm sure by this time next week I will be that much closer - if you're interested in saving dimes and nickels to help others you can send them my way. There's another good thing about this too - there will be a charity end as well. At the end of the day, if there is an amount left over that can be used for charity it will be given in Faith's name to the Operation Iraqi Children in Kansas City, MO. That's the foundation I wanted to help in the first place but couldn't get the court system to work with me in order to make it a dream. With my son in Iraq he'll be closer to passing out school supplies now to kids in need - me being a former teacher, that seems like the perfect organization to give to...a great and wonderful cause indeed.

It's official - Faith will be a 503 soon. We'll call it "Faith the Dog" so it won't be too hard to find. I am so looking forward to going to the places I couldn't get to before...starting with the First Presbyterian Church of Flint, Michigan! I mean that! Hugs and love.

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