Friday, August 29, 2008

The VEEP Nominee

Where do I begin? I guess because I'm a registered Republican everyone I know thinks I'm going to be voting that way in the month of November. I suppose because my son was and/or is a pen pal of the original George Bush, that everyone we know assumes that we'll continue to support and behave like GOPers...well, there's a problem with that. I think he was a good Senator, I think he is a brave man, but I'm not sure I want John McCain to be my president. However, having said that, there is a problem with the issue of the alternative - I KNOW I don't want Obama to be my next president.

So, having said that, and having admitted that I don't even like my own party's choice - I have a question to ask? Can we just write in Colin Powell's name and be done with it? He can pick whomever he feels is best to be his running mate but the fact is, he doesn't need a running mate. He'd win by a landslide and have his staff do the rest. What does a Vice President do that a Good Will Ambassador can't? Hell, he could pick Rachel Ray! Send her overseas to talk to people - she's pretty, she's funny, I'm sure she's got talent at something besides cooking - - it would serve a couple of situations; we'd have a woman V.P. like people are screaming for, and we wouldn't have to watch Rachel on TV anymore! She's too pretty! we have Sandra Palin...what? Sarah? OK, see I didn't even know that much? I may have trouble with her name, but not her kids. They have very interesting names including Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. Track is actually in the U.S. Army and stationed in his own home state of Alaska - up at Fort Wainwright with another good looking soldier boy that I personally gave birth to, so I guess we have that in common. Oh wait, I know - she's a woman, and I'm a woman. She's a Christian, I'm a Christian. She's a Governor and I'm....not. I don't think her being a Governor for 18 months, a mayor of a tiny town, and a councilwoman before that comes CLOSE to qualifying for Vice President, and if you ask me the people should pick who the next president is and who his/her running mate is, because if the guy/gal dies - the choice may not be our own! (not that we have much of a choice this time around anyway..did I mention writing in Colin Powell's name?)

I suppose McCain needs to have control over whomever he picks. I may be bold, rude, and insensitive for saying it was a stupid choice. She probably feels the weight of the world too right now. I mean, WHAT IF? She's not the least bit experienced and if he was going for a good looking woman with experience in politics he really screwed it up - what about Bono? At least she has time in politics on her side? Maybe even...oh, I don't know...CONNIE RICE? Well, there you have it, my opinion...for what it's worth. I'm not up on it enough to really be informed. I can't make decisions regarding politics anymore than I can make decisions regarding medical research, or ecological grant funding. I'm just not the person to ask - but since I was asked a few times today I felt it necessary to say "Sandra? Sally? What? Sarah? OK - Sarah. What has she done? Who is she? Why is she our V.P. choice?

I give up.

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