Sunday, August 31, 2008

OU Sooners BABY!!

NOW THAT IS BEAUTIFUL !!! (Only Reuben's photo is mine)

It has begun! It started last night around 6:00 p.m. Central, and to be sure GOD WAS IN THE HOUSE. We knew He'd show up, but wow a spectacular show! He decided to make light of the situation, and all of His glory came out in the skies as the Oklahoma Sooners pounced heavily, perhaps too heavily on the Chattanooga Mocs (what is a Moc?) early in the first quarter. God thought a little time out would do, so we shared in his thunderous light show for over an hour and a half as the more than six inches of rain fell and the bleachers were evacuated. No one went too far - in Oklahoma two things are certain: there will be storms and there will be football! We just had to wait it out.

During the "break" as we called it - I was dry and having a great time at the Buffalo Wild Wings - we watched the Illinois/Missouri game and I have to tell you, I was going for the Illini the entire time - Chicago happens to be in Illinois you know, and even though others may think that I route for them because of Sinise, forgetaboutit - I'd move to Chicago with or without the time my dear, in time. Chicago may have to wait on L.A. for another couple of years. Nevertheless the Tigers did eventually beat the fighting Illini, but not too badly, 52-42.

We had the biggest lightening show! Those of us smart enough to think about the effects of Gustav and the wherewithal to listen to Gary England, went to sports bars to see the Pay-Per-View game. We sat in the comfort and safety of hundreds of others who sat in the safety and comfort with us - we watched the lights flicker and we screamed and cussed as the satellites blinked over and over causing our precious game to fade. THANK GOD for Bob Barry! The pub I went to was one of those that tuned in immediately to 107.7 KRXO radio to hear the game announced by our legendary sports commentator - - "and that's it folks, we're shutting this thing down until further notice." With that the next round was on the house! (can you imagine?) Boomer Sooner! I wonder if Bud Light Lime realizes the impact a good lightening show can produce in Oklahoma!

Several waitresses made a lot more money last night than ordinarily - heck, we stayed longer than we were expected to. We ate more, drank more, played more shuffleboard - it was all very interesting - and we had the Illinois/Missouri game in the background for atmospheric noise - - when the game came back on most of the bar, including Jeannie, Vicki, and I had already called it a night. We took for lesser invaded grounds - people who were silly enough to bring their kids to a sports bar to watch the game with a lot of rowdy loud-mouths actually chose to stay! We had our fill of the kids complaining about the game, about the weather, about everything idle kids complain about - bring them coloring books people! We went to my house and listened as Bob Barry closed it out for us in the 2nd half.

Reuben was in Alaska, but he had it on satellite, and we could talk to him, listen to Bob, scream at each other, text him between downs when he had commercials and we had commentary, and we could keep him up on what Bob Barry was saying as he kept us up on what the 2nd and 3rd string team looked like on the field. At one point Reuben texted Jeannie and said "I think the cheerleaders are suiting up for the 4th quarter!" But that was just mean - so in order to counter his meanness - because I'm mean that way - I texted him and said "Brett Favre is a Jet now you know!" OHHHHHH, it was OOOOONNNNNNNN......we had the battle of the roaring texts, the ringing of the phones, the screaming, the cussing, the yelling, the furious fuming....and of course Bob Barry heard nothing of this....each time the Sooners had the ball we quieted our banter until the play was called dead and we could pick it up again!

I love my son! I love my friend! I love OU FOOTBALL! Apparently God does too, and He said good bye to us last night with a 57-2 win in the great state of Oklahoma!


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