Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MIRACLES HAPPEN - Caity got a job!

Who could possibly say no to this cute little face?

OK, I won't say where because the paparazzi would never believe me if I told them that she actually got a real money-paying, regular hour job - but it is true. I don't think she starts for a couple of days, but I have to tell you - WOW!!! She's going to be at the front desk of a major hotel in our fine city, and to be honest that is a great place for such a cute little, smart-mouthed pixie like this one. She will be there in the night hours probably, handling the drunks who come out of the bar and ask her out - I wonder if they'll remember what happened or if they can identify the Caity-sized boot print on their butts! She'll smile the whole time, let me guarantee that.

One of the best things about Leo women is that they are absolutely lovely. They can be mean as they want to be, they can cut a man down and they're all smiley about it. They can be hard-assed and blunt, they can be fierce and ugly but they do it with winking eyes, flashing smiles, and that I'm-so-damn-adorable look - they get away with it. They should all be put in charge of handling unruly men. Men fall all over themselves when this kid walks by, so it's no wonder they do exactly what she says when she asks them to leave the premises or get up to their rooms before she has to call security....YES ma'am, I'll follow your every lead, I'll do whatever you command. This kid came home with a car one time! A man wanted to give him her car! I made her give it back - then I gave her a high-five, I'm sorry, but that's cool.

CAITY GOT A JOB!!!! Please pardon me for screaming. She used to tell everyone that she was just going to lay out and put a tip jar next to the chair. She could do that. She's been out dancing in the street with a cardboard sign once just to prove she could make a good living at it - but you really do need a permit. She's smart too, that's the problem wherever she's been in the past. She was 8 or so when she hacked her way into the Pentagon, she graduated nearly 2 years before her time, and she figures things out faster than I can keep up with her so she gets away with a few things that I would prefer her not to - but she's also smart enough to tattle on herself too! That's the really good thing about this brat - she's a daredevil yes, but when she jumps in a little toooooo deeply she will call for a lifeguard. She will make the attempt to get back on track. I like this girl. I think I'll keep her.

Well, the good news is, this gives her a way to make money and get out of my house. I know what she's going to do - she's going to run down to the kitchen to eat because our personal chef Brandon Lockhart works at the same hotel. We call him our chef, he will be once we get enough money to move him into the mansion...once we get enough money to buy a mansion! He's awesome. I was his teacher at the Culinary School he attended...that was an incredible position....really! She'll try to eat for free, she'll try to stay in empty rooms long enough to save money to get an apartment, and with a face like this....she'll do it. I'd let her...wait, I've let her get too much for too long...NO, I'm putting my foot down....soon.

I love you baby Brat! Good luck, and KEEP THIS ONE!

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