Saturday, July 12, 2008

Laine Ciotti's First American Post

She has officially kicked off her site on Blogger (I convinced her it was a good place to blog) and is calling her site: "Erotica is For Good Girls Too" I like that because there are so many writers who write for erotic reasons, be it better money, be it more exploration...whatever the reason. I was happy that my new friend has decided to come out of the proverbial Christian box that I met her in several years ago and have reacquainted myself with her recently. I use the words "Christian Box" because as Christians it is so difficult to explore the parts of our minds and hearts that want to read sensual stories without running into out and out sex stories that involve adulterous liaisons, homosexual encounters, orgy-type writings that for whatever reason get publishers both excited and enraged at the same time. None of the writers I met at the conferences I have been to will own up to what they read or what they write when it comes to erotica. They just don't want the stigma following them, or the nasty looks from people who think they're above thinking of sexual acts either with a lover or someone else's lover.

Laine Ciotti is a real person with real feelings and even she refuses to give her real name because of her publishing connections. Its like the Random Houses will drop her other books if they only knew she wrote from this other point of view. Why is that? I do understand, and actually I empathise with those who feel they can't come out into the open to say "Yes, I think about sex!" I think to myself "Who doesn't think about sex?" It's not only the most natural thing in the world to think about, it happens to be one of the funniest topics too, or it can be.

When I met up with Laine in November 2006 I remember how shy she seemed at the table. She writes novels for a living and most of them are based on true events which take place in the Southern states. (I don't think I'm giving away too much of her identity by saying that). She has a large family and told me that the thought of masturbation was completely out of the question in a house so small and with brothers and sisters milling about the place at all hours. She was forbidden to think of such exploration, and she was rarely forgiven by her best sister/friend when she admitted to having been with herself simply for the wonderment of it. I thought about my own family and no, we didn't talk openly about our bodies. We didn't mention our desires or feelings at the table. I suppose books and films were the only escapes we had to satisfy those curious questions that lived in us but we weren't allowed to ask out loud. It was probably the times and the fact that Alabama was so close to the same belief system as every other Southern state's religious factories; organized institutions where which if you were a member of them you were required to believe exactly as you were told to. I am no longer a member of any church for this one reason myself, but remain just as saved today as I was the day I surrendered my soul to Jesus.

I told Laine that morning when we had breakfast that I applauded her decision to write under an assumed name and thought it best to keep it a secret if she felt she would offend her family or upset the apple carts somewhere down in the glorious South. We can't have apple carts turning cartwheels now can we? She leaned across the little green table we sat at with a priest who happens to be the author of a very funny sexual book about God and sexual practices among His creations, and she said "Father forgive me, I'm about to tell the truth!" I loved that!

Her first blog can be found at: I hope you like it as much as I did. I went straight to the frig and got a glass of wine after reading it and read it again, smiling and laughing just as much as I did the first time. She did it! She actually did it! Congrats Laine (pronounced Lane-E) I'm so very proud of you girl.

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