Monday, July 28, 2008

Fourth Book Paid For - In Publication As We Speak

DONE! I have paid for the publication of my 4th book. It is sent off, it is being published and/or set up as we speak. I had to pour over it a dozen times with the spell check to make sure I hadn't misspelled anything - but you know I'll miss something and one of my students will delight in telling me. I know I would! I'd be first to class that day.

The book is a compilation of my blogs from this very site. I have over 500 blogs actually logged - the book will have about 175. I want to make the book readable and fun; we're not talking "Clan of the Cave Bears" or "War and Peace". I want it to hit under 300 pages actually. It will retail for $19.99 in paperback and I don't think I'll even have it made available in hard cover, I like reading paper backs and they're cheaper anyway. The book will have words only, sorry, no pictures. If you have enjoyed my blogs for the fun and often entertaining photos I post you'll just have to keep reading me on line. The book will be more mature I suppose - besides I wanted the focus to be on me! Me! It's all about me! Hahahaa..I had to say that, if you know me you'd know I rarely focus on myself. Saying it makes me smile a little.

I've battled back and forth about whether or not I should add anything about Sinise in the book - I did. I put two blogs in the book where I mention my dear Gary. He'll just have to forgive me; nothing bad I promise, how could I ever do something like that? The furnaces in Hell would have to break first, and let in all that Heavenly breeze, and that doesn't seem to be an option either - but it would happen before I said a word to disgrace the man - not going to happen ever. Not now, not never, not no how...good grammar! *grins*

The blog book will be the first of a series of them. I have no idea how many because I have no idea how long I'll be able to blog. I know book 5 is coming out in Feb. It's a children's book about Faith, and it too will be in a series of six or so. Book 6 comes out in May, it's an opinion blog compilation - - as if ANYONE gave a rat's backside as to what I thought - - my mother and I may be the only ones to buy the book. Everyone else will just receive it as a gift for whatever occasion I decide to share it. Hopefully book 7 will be my novel that I am currently gathering information on. It's the one I have to get more serious about and actually involve Sinise with. It's up to him, if he chooses to be a part of the book adaptation he gets first poke at it - - should he choose no for an option I won't cry, I'll just stare at him with my big brown eyes and whimper once or twice; and then ask someone else. It's THAT good - someone will pick it up. Why then are you waiting to write it Jude? Why are all these other books coming first? Good questions!

Books are like kids, they are born when they are born. They are not scheduled one before the other, their souls are numbered and book 7 is the novel. I am gathering information, I am gathering my nerve as well. There will be a great deal of researching, quizzing people who are still alive and know intimately what I am seeking regarding the information that will bring my fiction (based on reality) characters to life. Think "Titanic". I have a book that will have a plausible story, based on the reality of the events, but it is not 100% accurate - for several reasons. Truth is actually much more sensation than the fiction, and NO ONE would believe some of the things that took place if I told the truth about it - about me. OOPS..I'm getting too involved now, have to pull back and gather more intel.

Book 4 will be fun, it will be informative, cute, and sort of my tribute to Erma Bombeck - a woman I should dedicate the book to, but instead I will actually be dedicating it to Sinise for his genuine good humor and taking my teasing in stride the way he does. How many people do you personally know that you could say looked like a turtle and they don't mind? Exactly! Erma would never be so naughty, but I like turtles! I swear I do. November 1 should be a fun day for me. That's the date the book is due out, and I'm hoping to take it on a grand-scale military base tour with Faith...can't wait! (Lots of blogs about soldiers in the book too! I love them more than turtles! Well - not ALL turtles.)

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