Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Best Descripton, Bar None, of Me! (Finally)

The best essay ever describing ME, a Scorpio woman is found at this link:

I ran across Linda Gooman's Sun Signs essays describing all the Sun signs and all the traits of every zodilogical (is that a word) being - and it is really, no super duper really, it is so very very very close to being 100% accurate that it almost (not quite because we Scorpios can't be stunned too often) stunned me. I was so close to being flabbergasted, rather than losing control - because that's a flaw that I can't afford - I was mesmerized. I was amazed, I was flattered, and I was quite sure I wanted to post it so that every last Pisces man could be fully aware of what it is that he's up against once a Scorpio woman has cast her eyes - - to be perfectly honest I don't give a damn about every Pisces man; just one. But to be fair to all the fish it would be best that they realize they're apt to be caught and once caught they're apt to be kept rather than eaten -- stand back Taurus, don't even think about it.

I've posted the link at the top of this blog. I don't believe it takes you there directly, you may have to cut and paste, and like I said I don't really care if you do or don't, but if you're a certain Pisces man, and you're thinking "Wow, I would sure like to know what the woman that has her sights on me is thinking. I'd like to find out more about what to expect once I do actually surrender", then you could benefit greatly by reading the essay. Get a cup of coffee first, maybe even a sandwich, it's a long long long essay - but then again, I'm very very very intense. You'll have no reason to wonder after reading it, and keep your socks on - you don't need to get cold feet. Warmth is everything - hot is often the way to go. We arachnids are often caught basking on the rocks.

If I had to dissent on any parts of the essay I would say that close to the end of the analysis there is a statement about Scorpio woman wanting to possess (and we will) but not wanting to be possessed - I'm woman enough to realize that this particular trait isn't necessarily true in my isolated case. I do wish to be taken. I do wish to be possessed, but I, only me, will choose who does that taking - so like I said - there is no reason for anyone to attempt a flirtation with me. Go away, my mind is made up - there's not a chance in Hell, so no one needs to be embarrassed or have that awkward feeling - I won't have that feeling, I'll flat out tell you to bug-off...not you Gary, the other guys! Smiles....seriously, not you, go on read the essay. Freak out a little, but keep that smirk. It is the ticket to Heaven.

Oh why in the world would one woman, a woman like me,, why would I be so bold? Why would I be so arrogant, why would I put it out there to be read to be recorded? Is she obsessed? Oh, I hate that statement, that question! Please, get over it Glenda - no, when a woman knows she knows. Just because the world can't get it doesn't mean she has a problem. LOL - obsession is for teeny-boppers and their magazine heroes. Why is it someone has to transfer their own lack of confidence onto my total acceptance as being unreal? Can't everyone simply have the same faith I do about certain issues - geez! (Laughs and knows that God can't lie. Ps. 37:4 goes a long way!) God, I love being a Christian! You've got the best team, the best Coach, you've got the promise of the new day - and all those lovely desires of the heart. YES!

Read the essay - I am who I am. I don't change. I won't change, and for the last time perhaps I really don't give a damn what others think as long as I know I'm doing what I need to do, or being who I need to be. I truly am one of the only exceptionally honest people I know. I'll flat out break someone with the truth, and break another if they lie. I will crush a liar and never return to them - whereas I will always forgive and forgive and forgive the truth teller who has screwed up beyond compare. ALWAYS tell a Scorpio the truth. It beats the alternative over and over again. You can lie to an Aquarius, it gives them something to investigate - a Scorpio already knows. We don't blink remember? We stare through you and in doing so we know. Don't test the theory it's not a healthy choice. Test a Libra - that's fun to watch. They're so balanced.

So there you have it...Me in about 1500 words. It would take that actually to describe the full woman that is a November born Scorpio - I have the honor of being born the very last day of the sign actually - every once in a while for the sake of being completely lax you'll find me traveling like a Sagittarius! You'll see me lower my guard long enough to raise my bow and arrow - and once it is raised I revert to the sting of that Gray Lizard long enough to remind you that I was indeed born on the last day of the OTHER sign - funny, I do have the one soft spot in my heart for my Leo child's mistakes, her lies, and believe me, she has the sting marks all over her body and soul from when I caught her in's an ongoing learning process for the brat; one she's just about to get through her thick mane! Laura understood at the age of 2...stubborn Taurus doesn't forget. She and I rarely butt heads because she knows I love with strength and hard knocks rather than the loving and tender nurturing of a softer woman.

Go ahead - read about me, and when you do know this - YOU can know that befriending a Scorpio will ensure your battles to be met with a friend for life. You will never be alone again, and anyone who attempts to hurt you will be immediately slaughtered. Questions will be answered later - death is first. The sword however always cuts both the bone. Like I said, this Linda Gooman....she's my new hero on this subject.

OH...and you, Mr. Pisces man, just for fun read what she says about Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man - no, no, no, you go ahead - you'll feel good about it. You'll say to yourself "Damn, finally a woman that gets it!" and just before you surrender remember to look into my eyes - it may be the last thing you do as a free man. LOL

It's Father's Day - Let's go FISHING!

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