Saturday, June 21, 2008

1979 Was a LONG Time Ago

Little Eric and Yeng Ting (Best Friends)

WOWWWWW....when I was in high school the most you may see from a boy in terms of being a bit on the girly side was one of the linebackers trying on a cheerleader's skirt for a skit. Sure, it made the yearbook, and now some 29 years later we still give the guy grief over it, but to go as dates to the prom - - to save $10! OK.

Actually, to be fair to everyone - Eric actually took a girl to the prom, and I'd show you her picture but my daughter Caity has taken all of them and drawn horns and beards all over the pretty girl. Poor thing, if I dared post her picture my computer screen would have permanent marker over to the side, maybe even a big Caity-fist sized hole in it and I can't have that. Laura is also in love with Little Eric, but she's a bit more reserved. She took the girl's picture and simply cut it out of the shot, photo-shopped it and now she and Eric are dates to an imaginary dance. Nice to be loved. (Honestly, my son's a bit jealous of Eric's hair, he'd probably date him for that reason alone!) LOL Popular man this Eric Bauer.

Yeng Ting and Eric have been friends forever and it reminds me of my buddy Jeannie and I. We were in high school together, and we were given the option of going to the prom stag but neither of us did. I don't think we were allowed to go together to save money back in the 70's, but you know - times are changing; Eric and Yeng Ting could probably seal their love in California if either of them were actually gay - - wouldn't the girs (Caity and Laura) have something to say about that? I wouldn't want to be in that honeymoon suite - four in a bed would be rather crowded, and while the two girls doubled up on Yen Ting to smother him Eric would probably video and YouTube - he's that way! LOL

What I really like about Little Eric and Yeng Ting is that both of them are headed for MIT - these are the Bill Gates of 2015 - no joking. I guess I could look up what Bill looked like in 1979, I think he's about my age. I'm sure he had long hair too, and maybe he was a bit of a geek - you think? Geeks weren't hot in 1979! What's the deal? We had to put up with ugly nerdy looking geeks back in the day - - now all the skinny guys with long hair and glasses are playing in bands, wearing their sister's jeans, and beating all the jocks out with the girls they get. Our geeks were boring, couldn't talk to girls, couldn't look us in the eyes, they never picked up guitars ... I feel ripped off.

Have a great Senior Year you guys!!! PCO! PCO! PCO! (Wow...times have changed. In 1979 I couldn't shout out "Putnam City Original" too loudly; I went to West!)

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