Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still Thinking Chicago!

(1673 W Bissell, Chicago - not my picture)

I'm still debating in my head whether I should up and move to Chicago when the time is right, or if I could see myself living in SOUTHERN Oklahoma, somewhere around Dallas. You can't exactly admit to moving to Texas when your blood runs crimson and cream, and you sure as hell can't ever surrender your driver's license and become an actual Texan. Can you imagine? Oh, the thought makes my heart shutter - it has to be Chicago. Taking an Illinois driving exam, testing out, whatever that doesn't bother me - I can say I'm a Cubs fan, not a problem. (Saying I was a Bears fan could get me squashed, but I can be a closet Bears fan and never tell my son. I could keep it a secret.)

So how involved is this decision to move? Where am I in the process? I was just about to up and take the plunge to seek out a new residence near the Plano, TX area when Baby Boy called to say he was coming home in August before being deployed "You-Know-Where", one of those Army secrets, you can't say it - it's a big no-no. So, he being the ultra conservative and traditionalist that he is - HOME meant MY HOUSE in Oklahoma to my son. He can't picture himself going HOME anywhere else. Oklahoma is where he was born, Oklahoma is where he was raised, and Oklahoma is where he's bound and determined to come HOME to. The poor boy got a wake up call, and he didn't like it. "Mom's moving to Dallas, Reuben!" (tattle tell Caity)

Oh, before I forget to thank Sinise for having Eddie Cahill's character Don Flack call out the name Reuben during the finale' show - thank you. It doesn't quite make up for having killed off another Ruben earlier in the season, but I'll try to forgive you. You're cute.

So, I'm not allowed to move to Texas according to the powers that could beat me up and/or sit on me until I couldn't breathe again. I'm allowed to trek it up to the north and freeze my butt off. I'm allowed to trek it up to the north and pretend to be in NYC when I'm really in Chicago - I'll have theatre, games, professional sports, parks, great restaurants, historical houses, basements (You'd think Oklahoma would have more basements with the tornadoes we have.) I'll have trains, city buses, monorails, four-story houses so skinny you can almost touch both walls at the same time. I'll have big huge buildings, a major major body of water, a Navy Pier, museums and more art than I can possibly look at.

I've chosen Lincoln Park and Gold Coast as the two most endearing areas and I'm sure I'll hear from several of you to tell me which is better, which is safer, which is more expensive, and why I should consider Elgin. If I had it my way I would move to 123 S. Green, Unit 1008, Chicago, IL 60614. That's where my heart fell about this time last year, and I don't want to give up that dream. I'm sure someone has already purchased my corner of the world, and yet my heart remains in the Emerald. I think of it all the time - and the new Starbucks they just built on Halstead!

What to do. What to do. I think I'll wait on the MAJOR pet company that is thinking of hiring me as a spokesperson/dog (Faith) and if they do indeed sign a 4 year contract with me - I will make the move in September after You-Know-Who goes You-Know-Where. He'll return around Christmas 2009, maybe just after, and we'll celebrate in the freezing icy-rain that will be covering my new adopted city. I can tell the world he is back, and we'll throw a big welcome-home party in the 8,000 foot lobby of the building - still thinking Emerald at this point. There is a house I fell in love with on Bissell - very modern, very chic. We'll see.

The most important thing is to remember to book as many out-going dates from December 26-March 15 as possible. Get to the warmer states, get to the beach, get to the stores that sell thick clothing if I can't get out of town...oh, and I want to be buying really small clothes too. That's the pipe dream. Leave me alone. I'm not deranged; just a little over-stimulated by the thought of actually making this happen. Wherever it is, it has to have BIG, FAT, HUGE open windows, lots of air, lots of space, and lots of light to show off my new furniture: stop me now, I'll go into one of those Kaasala / Ikea fantasies and you'll never get me out.

If you want to buy a house in Chicago call Genine Ben:

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