Monday, May 19, 2008

Back By Popular Demand - Caity in the Post It Notes

Caity took the picture.

Yes, it's true. I still get comments and e-mails from complete strangers all over the world asking me to re-post the picture of my daughter Caity in her own creation - Post-It Notes. She claims she was sitting around thinking about creative ways to do her MySpace, dreamed this one up, and well - did it. She's a lot like me, but I actually do tend to dream about other people being naked rather than myself. Just a second...let me think about it for another minute....yes, I do. He was pretty. Thank you for your indulgence.

OK, so no it's not easy raising a kid with the brain of a maniac, the looks of a model, the ego of a serpent, and the grace of a race horse. You'd think it would be maybe, but it's actually rather difficult to rein her in at times because she's so dang busy doing her own on words there; I try to think of ways to use my degrees whenever possible. Did you learn anything from that? Great!

With Caity at the helm the pirates would be much richer than they were, they'd have had to plunder less, make more, and be happier. She's like that: one shot - one kill. She'd be the ninja any warring force desired but there's just one catch...she doesn't listen to a damn thing anyone says, so the thought of controlling her for your personal gain would have no merit. She'd choose, and you'd win if she picked you. That simple. One of the great things I love about Caity is her immediate sense of self. So narcissistic this child is, she dreams about herself marrying herself, and having herself as a child. OK...she's crazy, I'll give her that, but I'm not getting in her way! I prefer to breathe another day.

When I cut Reuben loose, allowing him to join the Army and be the man he was meant to be I cried my eyes out. I slobbered all over myself, but it was the right thing to do. When Laura announced a little while back that she wanted to move out, to go to college, to get a real job and be responsible I again just thought WOW, this is it, my little girl is leaving me and I may only see her from time to time. I still cry about her some nights, and I call her to be sure she's OK. When Caity stops by my house (she has her own) and she takes my car (she has her own) and she eats my food (she has her own) she takes my copy of Criminal Minds Seasons 1 & 2....I don't cry. I lock the doors, I turn out lights, I hide the keys, I take the phone off the hook - but the result remains the same. I see her outside with a torch about to light up my condo if I don't answer the doorbell immediately. (can you see her standing there with the flame in her hand?) OK, I'm lying - she wouldn't smoke me, out - who would buy her clothes? Who would pay for gasoline? Who would call in sick for her when she took a band home to another state?

Well - there you have it, the Post-It Note Queen. I think it's beautiful. I'd buy a poster of it and hang it up but people would think I'm crazy! Hey, think about it, the Mona Lisa is one ugly woman...but people stare at her all day, she was someones brat at one point! That little crooked smile, those mischievous eyes - that woman was up to something! With Caity there's nothing to hide - she's most definitely up to something! Godspeed little brat! Godspeed. I love you honey. (Hey, Post-It Notes people, let's talk about a licensure!)

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