Monday, April 21, 2008

Metaphysical Much!

Because I am a born again Christian it has been beaten into me from birth that all things strange, out of the ordinary, that which cannot be explained, and/or examined is therefore of the Devil. I tell people all the time that I used to be a Baptist, but now I'm a Christian. I mean that.

Being raised in the Baptist church was fantastic for me. It gave me the sense of spirit and love that I needed from God, and it gave me the head knowledge to win absolutely every trivial game involving the names, dates, events, and locations dealing with the Bible. I can say all 66 books of the Bible in order, I can tell you the various differences and similarities between the prophecies of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. I know all about the Rapture, the Second Coming, Armageddon and eternal peace which will follow the Millennium of peace on Earth and the destruction of both Earth and Heaven. What I cannot do as a Baptist is have true FAITH. I got out of the box that is organized religion, and have found the true essence of my soul - which is Christ, and you have to admit, being able to walk through walls, to walk across water, turn water into fine wine, and ascend and descend at will seems a bit out of the ordinary and probably couldn't readily be explained.

I decided to leave the box of organized religion when I couldn't get anyone in the box to explain the verses in the Bible dealing with the Angels and the giants, and the true whereabouts of Eden. I couldn't find solid answers to some of the things we are expected to simply believe - which means we DO accept the metaphysical, but we don't talk about it. If spirits existed then than they exist today, and I am willing to place a bet that they will out live us all - except for the fact that we are actually...go ahead and say it with me - Spirits!

I talk to Sam. Sam is with me all the time, Sam has been with me since before I was born. Sam is my Guardian Angel, and though his actual name is Theonopholus I still call him by the name I gave him when I became aware of him at the age of 6. That's another unanswered question I had to deal with. I asked my preacher, my teacher, my Sunday School teacher, my mother, anyone with a background in the church who this guy was that was hanging over my shoulder (left) and why he was so prevalent, even to the point of interrupting me when I was about to cuss someone out...not at 6, but later on. They couldn't answer. I couldn't see him but he was there. He needed a name and I gave him one. He seems to like it when I ask his advise.

I am the type that will intentionally shake up the bag to see the contents mix about. It's not beyond me to ask someone a question which will certainly define our boundaries or borders socially. It's not a game, but an awareness. Since I'm actually pretty damn aware of the way I live and love, I often wonder if anyone else out there thinks the way I do. Is it a Celtic gift? Some say my ancestors were able to tell truths - - I know I think things and they happen. It's not an every day event, thank God or some people's lives would be ruined for sure. I believe in the Law of Attraction - and I made myself a little happy the other day when I forced myself into the mind of someone I think is really pretty cool. Just waiting now to hear back to see if it made him smile or not. I bet it did. I love to dance.

Having the knowledge of who you really are is such a gift. Money isn't important when you have clear goals - money doesn't even play a role in it. I get it as I need it. I use it as I need to, and I see it coming and going without fear most of the time. Now, if I could only convince my creditors of this method of believing in one's ability to do what is necessary. That, or perhaps I need to dream larger..I'm not sure, most of the time my dreams are really too busy to include making money. I'm either making love or just enjoying the peace that I dare to expect in my life.

Through the Law of Attraction I am able to draw to myself people and situations which will strengthen the future for myself and these people whom I choose to attract. If I need a job I find it, if I need a trip or a air fare to work out it does. The right people come along. Right now I want a few things and I'm working on their pull - the pull. In human terms it doesn't happen over night...but it does get itself ready to happen, preparation is everything - timing is key.

When I walk through stores people find me and ask me questions out of the blue about nutrition and I'm not exactly thin yet. They ask me questions dealing with their lives, what to do about a situation, or where they should be right now in their world of existence. I'm not kidding you. I must have a target on my face that reads in bold letters "Ask Me" because I'm singled out of crowds on Times Square. I'm picked out by flight attendants at 35,000 feet. I wish I could look into the future and come up with 6 lucky numbers on a weekly basis. That would be nice, but the truth is (obviously) that money isn't what I need at the moment. I've been doing well enough without it long enough. Maybe it would just screw things up for me.

The truth is - the truth is there. It sits in front of us, it lays around us, it floats above us, and all we have to do is look at it squarely and accept that it is. It's not going to change. What is will be, and what will be is. So, whatever you think you will achieve you will - good or bad. Whatever you think you will be - you will be; again favorable or not favorable. It's all being drawn to you by you and through you. Everything is connected. Everything is affected by everything and we, you and me both, are actually in this together whether we realize it or accept it, it is.

I'm good at the game playing because it helps to not be too serious about the unknown. It actually helps me to understand the current and the past better if I think good about the future. Try this: sit on the middle of the bed in silence, try to knock out everything negative, absolutely everything negative, and think ONLY on a good and peaceful image of yourself. Keep that. You'll find that the positive really is much more powerful than any negative. I've often been accused of being aloof if someone cuts me down - it's not that I'm aloof, no, it's that I don't believe them. I have to accept an insult before it becomes one. If I don't accept it to my soul - it merely vaporizes with the words themselves - and is gone. Hence the existence of a very strong self esteem.

What does my future hold? Oh, I could go on and on about it. What little tidbits that may need to be leaked today are leaked for the preparation of another not me. I am completely satisfied with the timing of what will be - but another may need to gear up and/or get ready to gear up. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We have a lot of things to achieve, and the good news is that my goals are his goals. It may sound self sacrificing on my part to want to support someone else, but when you figure out your purpose it really puts to rest the need to keep looking. I'm the wind in this case. Ever present, ever responding, ever changing but always the one unseen. I remember when I worked in theatre I was in the suits me.

Prayer and supplication backed by scripture too - gotta love it when God says it. Reading Matthew 7:7, Mark 11:24, and of course others. You can't help but get the pattern down that when you ask you do receive and when you ask you need to believe. That's the promise behind the Law of Attraction. Action and thankfulness. Or, we could say it really simply like this: "Don't worry. Be happy!" (Psalms 37:4)

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