Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tea for 30...(pounds)

We hear it all the time: Drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water daily, exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes, get enough sleep, and you will lose weight. Well, it's true, you probably will - but there's more. There's always more. For instance: consider your age, your current weight, your goal weight, your ability to exercise, and above all - consult your doctor before doing anything you haven't been used to doing. It really is important. (I know this one, I lost my gall bladder over it.) Daily change is good, exercise is good, drinking 64 ounces of water a day is fantastic...but again, there's more, there's always more.

Years of drinking tea haven't helped me so much in the past. I wanted to know what made me think that THIS time things would be different. Why would I believe that the act of drinking a tea, even a special tea, would somehow help me (force my stubborn fat body) to lose these last 30 pounds. I'm just hoping it does. I've about reached the point where I will possibly consider other alternative measures - - hahahahaha, not really, I just said that for dramatic effect. I have no real alternative plans. I'm just going to keep drinking 60-80 ounces of water, more hot tea (morning, noon, and night) and that exercise thing. I have it down...I know my goal, I know my limits, I know my cup of tea. (That was suppose to be funny, a means of tying in the subject of this blog with my English major background.) LOL

Wu-Yi. The special blend of Chinese tea that every one swears will change my life forever; it will now get it's chance just like every other tea in my background. I've been drinking 2 or 3 cups of green tea on a daily basis for about a year but hey, if Wu-Yi wants to give it a go, I'm up for it. I have one rule: I get to use my honey rather than sugar, and if I feel like it - because I'm basically of English ancestry, I will use cream in my tea around the 3:00 hour, and I will eat lemon curd on my crumpet. I will, and I will smile. (low fat crumpet, no fat curd)

I'll give it 30 days. I'll give it the best fast shot out there. The way I figure it, if I can't lose say....10 pounds in 30 days I'll give it ONE MORE TRY, what the heck am I going to do? I have to get rid of it, tea and water works, exercising works, sleeping enough hours and eating the right foods works. I'll just keep doing it until I'm where I want to be - in my daughter's closet stealing her jeans. I can not wait until I am sneaking into her apartment and going through her things ... she's been telling me for a year now how she'll kick me if I so much as try on her clothes let alone borrow them. I have a goal....and it's sooooo satisfying.

Last week I went to PacSun with my kid and she bought a pair of Venice Skinny jeans, size 3 for the lighter colors, size 5 for the really dark ones. I didn't have the heart to even think about it at this point, but my dream-gears were going into overdrive. If I can do this, if I can really really do this, I can at least buy a size 7 and fake Laura out. I can make her THINK I'm wearing her jeans, and that's good enough for me. (I have something Laura doesn't have...something nothing is going to change, not diet, not exercise...I have bones that simply won't reduce. I am a hippy woman. Some days more hippy than others.)

All I need now is a concoction that can shrink my loose skin, reduce my spider veins, do away with my laugh lines, remove my little moles, shave my legs - Wow...can it be that bad? Hahahahaha...I highly doubt that there's anything out there that I can drink to do all that. I'm just going to have to love me the way I am (after I lose the weight...LOL)

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