Thursday, March 6, 2008

Laine Ciotti, Author Friend and Pyrate!

I have just met my new friend. I can't say she's going to be my best friend because Jeanie would become oh so jealous after over 30 years of all the antics, gossip, bitch-slapping, and shopping the two of us have done. However, I have nearly met my match when it comes to producing silly little stories to make you blush. It happened at a Starbucks near my home and I can't say that I would have had it any other way. She and I were nearly forced to sit beside each other due to a convention at the hotel situated directly across the street. When we were settled I found myself on the end of a conversation that I normally pursue. That's when it hit me. This woman is just like me, and you know what...I like her.

She and I began talking about what we do, what we like, why the two of us were even at a Starbucks at 10:40 in the morning when we should be at work. Shame on us for being writers anyway! We sleep late, we rarely show empathy for anyone who has to get up, shower, dress, eat, drive, and slave all day - and to make matters worse we laugh about it because somehow, by God's grace I'm sure, we escaped Corporate America and have both landed squarely into poverty, but with smiles on our faces, and the sound of clicking keyboard keys on a part time basis. I don't mind, and apparently Laine (pronounced Laney) doesn't mind either. We prefer it.

I guess because I saw her "M" with a little hook at the end necklace I drew the conclusion that she (like me) is a Scorpio woman. She is. Her birthday just days before mine, but alas, I am a few years older. She collects stories from around the world, as her father and her mother were both in the military and she was educated on the streets of nearly every European country from the time she could walk until 1984 when she moved to Dallas and married (too young in her opinion), but it started her journey into fantasy, into the mystic fields of writing erotica for not only her own pleasure, but for that of her new husband. He was killed in 1988, and she has remained single. Moving to Oklahoma may be in her future, but for now she resides on the wrong side of the Red River.

Interestingly, like me, she has decided to rekindle the thoughts and dreams of sharing our lives with another man (probably not the same one, wouldn't that be freaky? LOL) and it has helped me, I know it has, to be able to write out little stories of twists and turns, allowing my body to feel again, and my mind to stretch in a way that muscles need to be stretched so that when the time comes to allow myself to share myself again I will be able to. That's where the erotica comes in, and that's where the Pyrate smiles begin.

I invited my new friend to the same challenge that I often invite Niki and Jeanie to. The little word game that we play when we're bored and need something to do with all the pent up energies that women get after thinking about a man but not really having one. Writing can be so therapeutic, don't you think? Well, here's how it goes just in case you haven't read my blogs before. You give the girls (all the girls participating) 3 minutes and 3 minutes only to write out every thing and I MEAN EVERY THING they can imagine from sensual feelings to explicit acts of physical activities. After time is up, the girls (and me) exchange papers and use the other girl's words to create a story involving the person who wrote the notes and whomever we (the author of the story) choose to match her with. Sometimes we do this with an intentional blunder, often we match each other with an unknown suspect, and in Laine's case I placed her with Detective Mac Taylor of CSI-NY.

When all was said and done the one on top (so to speak) was certainly the good Detective. He managed to work hard, play equally hard, and maintain that half smile we all know and love him for, while Laine, also smiling I might add - decided to add the CBS blockbuster to her list of must see TV. I will admit, and I must admit, that when it comes to writing out detailed sensual feelings, feelings designed to not only stimulate the brain, but the hands and breath as well; Laine Ciotti will be a formidable ally and competitor. I welcome her future challenges with open eyes and breathless blushing.

Girls will be girls.

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