Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Kiss

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We are all so amazed at the bravery and the strength it takes to become a firefighter or a police officer - so much so, that most of our kids (not me, I wanted to be a Judge) want to be one or the other when they grow up. There's something about being the hero in all of us. We just think WOW, I would love to be there, and be that guy, or that woman, that makes the difference in some one's life. Maybe that's why most of our firefighters and police officers seem to stay in their respective jobs for years. They really do make the difference.

Of course, there are the other heroes: doctors, nurses, good lawyers, good judges, caregivers and people of compassion through our churches who never really hear their anthems being song for them; but we should sing them. Instead of baseball and football cards being traded I wonder if we could be more like the company DEVON and applaud integrity over intensity. Maybe then we'd stop worshipping actors, ball players, race car drivers and singers. I know our entertainment personnel has been active in ways I wish I could be. Gary Sinise founded Operation Iraqi Children with writer Laura Hillenbrand. George Clooney, through his stand on saving the people of Darfur has been actively speaking to consumers of Chinese products. I can't and won't forget to mention the love and compassion of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Oprah, and Madonna - all very very appreciated. Even throwing Gary in the mix I'd have to say I would collect cards with unsung heroes like my own Edmond and Oklahoma City Fire Department, and most of the Police Force before buying one with an actor's face and bio.

When you (when I) think of bravery I think of our Armed Forces; it's a natural thing to do...but I also think of these guys. Dusty, beaten, overheated, hurt, wounded, and stronger than any action figure's dream. To say thank you just isn't enough. Let me try to hug each one with a prayer today...and whisper I love you in your ears. You truly are the greatest on this earth. THANK YOU.

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