Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Knew I Liked This Guy For Some Reason.

I am quite sure now that I finally have the definitive reasoning behind why I love this man, albeit the title of the blog claimed only that I like him; sorry - my bad.

I have personally visited 393 separate Starbucks to date, and this number does not include the little kiosks in hotels, the libraries and/or universities that have a little side cafe with a sign stating that they "Proudly serve Starbucks coffee". It does not include the airport Starbucks or any other form of Starbucks other than a numbered store with business cards of managers to go with the receipt of the coffee I have purchased and have personally sat down and enjoyed while visiting that particular Starbucks. OH, I'm laughing myself silly at this point because the whole world believed me to be obsessed with Sinise - HELLO...I'm obsessed with something entirely hot, yes..tall, strong, full bodied, slow brewed but quick started...yes. OK, and yes, I prefer the Italian blend to any other out there - but my obsession it just simply not with Sinise. (That would be silly)

There he is, pretty and perky - - and at my favorite hangout. It's been said by more than one, that if you (general public) just go to as many Starbucks as you can you're bound to run into me. I have a store locator and I know how to use it. If I'm going to be anywhere (Istanbul), and I mean anywhere, I will look up the nearest store. I will actually choose to buy a house or condo, rent an apartment, or visit a particular hospital, school, or military base ONLY if it has adequate access to a local Starbucks...ask Pat McGee of Ft. Lewis. I don't charge the military to host Faith and I, but I do expect to be given an honorarium Grande Quad Shot Wet Cappuccino. I very much expect that much - not too much to ask, I don't believe so.

Now, given the fact that I would prefer to keep the company of a relatively tall, dark, somewhat bold, steaming hot, satisfying Sinise, oops, cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, and evening - should tell you something about me; staying up all night really isn't a problem. I own an espresso machine - - I don't need the stores to be open for me and my Italian to celebrate at all hours. I think I'm basically in control of my obsession(s) least I smile - - a lot.

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