Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Green Men

(Gary extending a greeting)

(My very own friendly soldier boy/man)

OK - there you have it. Roswell brags about their little green men, sometimes silver, but they try so hard to keep them under wraps so that you and I know nothing about them. I wish to be open, honest, up front, and particularly proud of the two green men I prefer to all others. Don't ask me to choose between them - - a mother is a mother is a mother is a mother always. Sorry Gary, even the great ones fall from time to time. If I could only save one; well - I hope you'd understand. Baby Boy is my heart.

Today is Mr. Sinise's birthday, and for 53 he looks astoundingly handsome. He's probably recuperating from having played two full days of 18-holes out in Indian Wells, CA, where he held his annual weekend fund raiser to support the theatre company he and others are involved in. The theatre being Steppenwolf, located in Chicago. Hopefully he wasn't called into work right after such an ordeal, but being the trooper that he is I'm sure he was wearing a smile on his face as he pulled up to the gates of CBS. To my friend I wish to extend a very happy birthday, a happy St. Patrick's Day, and a great big hug for the work you do both for our troops at home and abroad....I can think of very few men I would be more proud of. When people ask me about Gary Sinise the actor I almost have to ask who they're talking about. To me, he's Gary the man I see out there smiling, shaking hands with soldiers, and trying to be the man he's suppose to be. Acting is good, it gives him the privilege to do what he does - but he's first (at least in my heart) a troop.

To my Baby Boy, my one and only son who was actually due on St. Patrick's Day (he and Gary both sport bright green eyes for the safety factor of not being pinched today) I say "Happy Day Off", I understand anyone wearing GREEN today in the U.S. Army has a day off at Ft. Wainwright, that's cool. What plans do you have may I ask? Oh, let me see - - it's been several weeks since my baby has called me from the hospital, and that usually takes place on free days. Perhaps he'll be creative and stay indoors today and only hurt himself playing CIV III, conquering the worlds of video imagination. To be honest about it - Reuben's abilities to be stealth and his extreme capabilities to perform at strategy games makes him a prime candidate to come a ninja for the U.S. Army; perhaps he'll be wearing black soon.

To all others wearing GREEN on this St. Patrick's Day, and dusty brown, camo, and other shades of bravery - THANK YOU, drink all the green beer you can, stand straight enough not to be caught by your CO, and be blessed with not only the luck of the Irish, but the hand of God as well.

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