Monday, January 14, 2008

Too Much Fun Tuning Into Someone's Mind Today

I'm doing this, and it can't possibly be legal. I mean, it can't be illegal, as there are no real set rules for metaphysical right? You can't govern what the head, mind, heart, soul, or psyche actually do...just the things you do with your body. You can't run naked down the street, but you can if you're only thinking about running naked down the street. Do you get what I'm saying? Reading may very well be fundamental, but it was fun as well as mental today. I read someone else's thoughts for a while - and I did it intentionally.

When I was small I remember thinking I could tell what my parents were thinking. Naturally I had seen them, been around them, heard them, and therefore caught all the delicate nuances that they exchanged over the course of my life while I lived with them. At times I believed I felt my mother praying for me, or my father thinking about me when I was living in L.A. working as a stand up comedian, but there are times I flat out KNEW I was being tapped into. That information got to me. Somehow, somewhere, someone was using a sort of power to think about what I was thinking and it sort of scared me. I'm not going to lie to you. The good news is that this new information has led me to live the way I live now, with my yes being yes and my no being no. I don't want to mislead anyone - not even those willing to step over normal boundaries to find out what I'm thinking. The guy's name was Clark and he was a good friend for a short time, I can't forget him. He'd make me call him, make me e-mail him, and then he'd laugh and say "Say it, I know you want to say it", and I would. I would ask him how he did it, but he didn't know.

I decided to be Clark today. I sat in a very small area, I drew myself in, I relaxed. I concentrated on a picture, a photo, a person that I would love to think about - - to get to know, and I put my zoning tuning powers to work. It took a little while to get past the electrical things you see in your head when you think that hard about one thing - little light flashes, little path like connecting cables twisting and burning, but moving forward to their intended target. I say intended, it was very very calculated. This one man, this time, his thoughts, and my reaction to being able to do it....and it worked.

For about 3 or 4 seconds of the day I saw, heard, felt, understood, and fully became a part of the thought process of another person. Yes, it is a form of telepathy, legal, scientific, untraceable, doubted by some, feared by them probably, but to be honest, it became intoxicating. I have to say it out loud, I have an idea of what I will be doing for a little while. The key is this: not to do this with malice, not to do this with fear or negative intentions; no, quite the opposite, it must be so very full of positive and positive desire that the person being infiltrated, for lack of a better word, will feel love not fright. There should be nothing confusing about it....knocking on someones mind is not only tricky, it can be alarming at first to them. Well, and to me. I got a smile out him though, he wasn't surprised to see me there.

Makes me wonder if what I was thinking about him wasn't generated by him at some point, like I said, he wasn't the least bit surprised that I showed up. Our minds are just now being explored. Imagine the ocean's floor 100 years ago, what it must have done to lure the divers - - calling to them, singing to them, and they went. Our God is an awesome God. His creation of our brain is just one example of the depths He can reveal. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. I can't wait to think again .... really soon. (Let me know if you felt it OK?)

Knock knock!

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