Saturday, December 29, 2007

Zoo It To Me Again

OK....over the next couple of days I'll be uploading pictures from this last trip to the Zoo, only because we actually took the time to get photos of some of the things we have not really shot before. Everyone takes photos of the lions, the tigers, the bears, the....wait, there was something familiar about that last passage. Oh, never mind. Something led me to take photos of things that aren't the cat's meow, that may have been overlooked by a few of the patrons. But, and I said this to my friend Jeanie, who has been going to the Oklahoma City Zoo with me fore more than 30 years now, something led me to take pictures of the unattractive animals. Not the mainstream creatures - everyone needs a little love. (OK, deer are actually very attractive, but I hadn't taken their pictures in more than 20 years, and these are new deer.)

If you had seen the tiger shots from when Caity last visited our zoo, you would have noticed that she was literally only a little chain-link fence's thickness from the massive carnivore. In light of what happened at the San Fransisco zoo this past week with the tigress named Tatiana, I would think that our zoo may have to rethink their entire cat habitat...we avoided the area today, but I say that to say this...I got right in there with the bushdog! Bushdogs can probably bite. I'm sure they have teeth, but how cute!! Look how adorable they are? They're never out, they're always in their little dens, but at feeding today they came all the way to the edge of the moat and smiled really nicely for us. I used a zoom, I wasn't in the cage, but I can tell you - Caity will try to one-up me and I'll see water spots on my photos where she's literally swimming with otter next week.

Hissing cockroaches. Yes! You have to do this. You have to go to the zoo and stick your arm into the cage and feed these guys. They let me, but they wouldn't let me take a picture of that - insurance. But, it was creeeeeepy....and fun at the same time. They don't bite, they just crawl and tickle you, all at once, and about 50-60 of them decided I was soft and warm too, they didn't want to get off my arm, and I didn't want to shake them. We bonded for about 5 minutes.

Michael the deer - we name our deer. He's the top male, the big guy. He's not very tall really, but majestic and beautiful. You can barely makeout the chain link, so you know again we weren't in the enclosure, but he was eating out of Laura's hand just after this picture. No, you're not suppose to feed the animals, but the caregiver likes Laura because she's known them for years, literally growing up in the zoo. He gave her a carrot to feed Mike. We thought he was going to run from her, but as it turns out he just wanted the caregiver to give her another carrot. He came back to the fence for more petting and love.

This trip was cut short a little because Laura couldn't breathe well, or it could be because Jeanie and I had plans to shoot tequila shots and make tortilla soup, I'm not sure, but we did manage to take about 100 photos of animals and/or beasts and creepy-crawlies that usually don't get the proper attention. I won't bore you with all of them, but I will bore you with some of them. Laura was able to talk to her Somalian Wild Ass for a few, and we videoed her running with another one. We videoed the Okapi running too, which was odd and beautiful at the same time. I smell YouTube calling.

Zoo it up!

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