Monday, December 31, 2007

Salute to 2007 - The Year of the Mp3 Purchases

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Yes, it is true, these are the men I love. (It was bound to happen. I made one.) Catch Gary (the goofy one) and his band on stage tonight in Bakersfield, CA - something about that just makes me laugh, but it could be all the times I drove through Bakersfield to fuel up. I used to buy VW Bugs, put a little money into them, drive them from OKC to L.A., and often times, just around Bakersfield someone would offer to buy the thing. I'd wait for them to get their money, it didn't happen, and there you go, another couple or three hours Bakersfield, but I think it would be worth going to the show tonight if you're in the area. Remember to dust off your shoes before entering the venue.

This year I must have spent more than $800 buying Mp3 players for myself, my kids, my friends, and for people who I don't know because three of my Mp3 players ended up with strangers. They were given away, stolen, or lost and probably found. I finally, just before Christmas, broke down and bought myself a little 2gb iPod Nano, and I'm expecting it to be my next to the last Mp3, but certainly the last for this year. My kids swore they wouldn't steal it if it was less worthy than theirs...4gb, and Reuben went all out for the 80, but he's in the Army and needed it for training as well as music. Can you imagine that? Our U.S. Army runs by remote in more ways than one. They get text messages about who to shoot! Please! Whatever it takes.

This was the year of the filming too for Faith, we were all over the map, and she was all over it more ways than I was, as American Airlines lost her 2 separate times this year - both times she was sent to Chicago, or left in Chicago, and I think that's an omen. I really do love that town. Can't wait to live there. I made the announcement this year that I wanted to live in the Emerald, a 12-story mid rise in the hood, but I was welcomed there. I was in love there. I felt sooooo alive there. Then again, when I stay in NYC I go to Hell's Kitchen. I guess teaching thugs for years will do that to a person. I love the guys....I understand their angst anyway.

I watched my son graduate from Basic Training at the beginning of the year, and he was gone from Feb. to Thanksgiving. That's a long time without a Reu-bear-hug, but the blessing of knowing he was OK, (three broken bones, 2 sprains and a nearly missed bullet playing around in Alaska!) I was able to squeeze him a few extra times on my birthday! What a gift.

This was the year of great praise as well. I found a promise from God, and boy oh boy has it been true. God is awesome really, and if we just let Him do His job...the miracles just do not stop. I found (again) the verse Psalms 37:4 and 5, "Delight yourself in God, and HE will give YOU the desires of YOUR heart. Commit your way to Him and HE will bring it to pass." This promises can't be broken, He can't lie. I like Yoda's words on this one: Do or do not, there is no try. With God, there is no try, He is, or He is not, and this will be the promise of my entire life. Sorry Gary, I do indeed delight myself in a marvelous God!

Looking forward to working with everyone in the new year...Chicago twice this year at least! YES!

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