Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Official: I am OLD

(not my picture)

I actually put off buying a pill organizer for two very vain reasons. One, I thought it was something old people did, and if I succumbed to buying one I was in fact admitting that I was older. The second (and even more vain)reason I put off buying one was they weren't that easy to open! Whenever I would assist my grandmother in opening her pill box I actually cut my thumb once. I broke a nail another time, and the thought never occurred to me that it may just be HER box that was defective. Since I only saw Grandma on Saturday and only opened Saturday's little compartment, it may very well have been the ONE section, the ONE lid of that ONE box was difficult - or it could be because the manufacturers don't really want little old people opening their boxes easily, making it a challenge for them - giving them something to conquer during their old, and mundane, I was really dull.

I broke down. Yes I did. But, I only broke down because I take about 12 vitamins and minerals a day and got really tired of reaching for the bottles, opening the bottles, closing the bottles, shelving the bottles, and trying to remember on any given day if I remembered because I do so many other busy things. I'm constantly working, going, shopping, playing, talking, and it would be really late in the evening and my guru at the health food store was all in my face about about NOT taking vitamins and minerals after 3:00 p.m. (I don't know how the little pills do it, but they apparently tell time) She was all over me when I mentioned that I thought pill organizers were geriatric...she stared at me with her gray eyes, pulled back her gray hair, and told she could take me...right then, right there! I totally bought the purple box. My kids immediately snickered...I immediately ignored them. Vitamins and minerals kids, that's all I'm taking. (Unless they make a kid-be-gone pill then I'm all over that one)

OK, so Sunday is my day. I fill it up, I go about my day. I look in the cabinet now and see the nicely shelved bottles and I think to myself "Wow, I saved so much time and I actually get the fix I need." I say fix because I want to sound cool and make my body think I'm younger, hip, and you know...all that. My little purple box gives me hope in another way too - maybe I was wrong for thinking that pill organizers were for grandmas and grandpas, at least I'm not in the BenGay commercials, or being honored by AARP for a lifetime achievement award....oops, that was mean. Congrats to Gary Sinise, Gladys Knight and Caroline Kennedy for their beautiful efforts. They are being honored today by AARP for some really really great contributions. You can see the issue at: (Hey Gary, what color is your little box?)

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