Sunday, December 9, 2007

Handsome Men Have There Place

I do NOT own this photo or facsimile of Carmine Giovinazzo.

Handsome men, like Carmine, do indeed have their place in this world. A fast trip to the zoo can show you all the ways men, in all their beautiful glory, will dominant the park with their plumy feathered butts, masculine stripes or thick auburn manes. How they love to shake their goods, strut their best, and in general walk about asking for either sex or a good fight. Sometimes men don't really care which; this according to my all-too sexy and full-of-himself son. Reuben tells me that he and others will walk into a bar, and one or the other of them may say "We'll either get laid or splayed out, but we're in this together!" (Brothers all) Don't you just love men? (smiles)

Carmine adds a bit of lusty sort of boyish charm to the screen in CSI-NY each week. He's a little smart, he's a little nasty, he's a little gritty, but he cleans up well. He loves his family, dedicated to his work, the cause - but most of all, he's there in case CBS needs that all-important chest shot, not to be mistaken with the more often required-in-the-contract sweaty neck and shoulders shot, or the biceps couldn't be any better shot. Carmine (Danny) is your go-to man. No one really minds. I think Harper could actually give the man a run for his money, we haven't seen much of that body, but the show is growing - gaining momentum, it could happen. Just as long as they keep all of Mac's clothing securely on his body at all times. (Maybe a little pecks peek now and then, but no women......its unbelievable how my heart hurts when he's kissing someone; and he's never been mine! I do wish these feeling would leave, but the heart falls where it falls.)Sigh.

Thank God for Carmine! Out there protecting me, showing off his goods so Gary doesn't have to, I love you Gio! I really do, thank you, and I think I owe you a bunch of cannolis, but I couldn't let you eat them without a good stromboli first. Let me know; I'm there.

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