Saturday, November 10, 2007


For the past 5 maybe 6 months (whose really counting) I worked for an independent insurance agent in Edmond, Oklahoma - don't worry I won't say his name. I don't want to give him even the slightest reason to feel that he has a right to do ANYTHING remotely resembling action. Who am I kidding - I was the ONLY thing in the office with any action. When I got there he was on his way out, the district office asked him to hire me to keep his name on the books. I had been retired. I wasn't selling insurance, but had decided that since American had lost my dog, and I had lost quite a bit of revenue, but I would use the next few months to keep the bills paid - and for me, well - that meant selling or marketing in the insurance business, as it was something I was not only good at (great, actually) but it was something that brought in enough money to keep the kids in their Keds. You know what I mean.

Well, I went into this guy's sad little office; without pictures, without proper furniture, without bookshelves, supplies, or even the right office equipment. He had actually JUST purchased a new computer, but the man hadn't even thought about a virus protector that would be compatible. The new equipment wasn't about to work with his old lines, so power cords were needed, as were printers, a fax, scanner, even an all-in-one, but trying to get this poor kid (26 years immature) to pay for anything he needed was like pulling out all of his teeth - - he wasn't into it exactly. He'd rather pay $350 on a set of golf clubs than improve the office. Young men make this mistake. I understand.

Let's just say that he wasn't ready to run an office, and I wasn't ready to babysit him. We'll leave it at that. Now, the big bad plan is to wake up at 8:00 like I normally do, get the coffee I normally get, and do the exercises that I do every day. The difference is, I'll do the exercises a little longer after I actually relax with my coffee, after I sit up in the bed a while and pray. I'll breathe a bit more, I'll kiss the dogs, and write in my journal more. The result should be good. It's my birthday in about two weeks - I want to have five pounds off my body by then, I want to be running in place for 30-40 minutes. I want to be lifting my weights better, stretching further, eating better, and drinking the water I drank before I went to work for the's as if I set my clock to another person's time, not mine.

It's already working out for me. I've taken a little mini-vacation this weekend. I'm thinking very positive thoughts, and look what happend - Ohio State lost to Illinois! I love Illinois, Chicago just happens to be inside of Illinois! What a great plan! So, that means the BCS will place Oklahoma a little higher, and who knows, we may end up playing Kansas for the Big 12, beating them of course, and if LSU can lose to someone over the next two weeks, Oklahoma could end up playing Oregon for the National Championship - and THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. We'll see if we get "Ducked" again! I've been asked before if Fall is my favorite season, but I have to be honest - Football Season is my favorite season!

In honor of the GREAT Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma's 100 year centential, I say "Good bye corporate America! Hello authorship!" (Embrace your life!)

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