Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another American Hero!

OK...show off!

I love Denzel Washington, I do, but when he goes around paying for new hospitals - - well, that just makes it bad for everyone of us who wish we could do the same. Just kidding - - I love him even more, more, more. Thank you Denzel.

Just the other day Denzel and his beautiful family showed up in Texas at the Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC) and spoke with the men and women who had been transferred from overseas hospitals, and had been given admission to the state-side medical center mainly for injuries occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan. His presence may or may not actually heal the soldiers, (wouldn't that be great!) but I know for 100% sure that every person in the center had access to two of the greatest arms in the world to hug. He's almost, oh-only-almost, as huggable as Jesse L. Martin, and just that-much-shy of being as gorgeous as Gary Sinise (Yes, I hear the people laughing, leave me alone, it's my fantasy!) so you know he was a hit, a success, a major morale booster and that - really could cause the onset of healing!

So, while the man and his family were at the medical center someone drew him into a conversation which led to Denzel pulling out his check book. Not joking, he paid for a brand-new center (not sure where it will be built) and it will be perfect. This is the sort of thing that needs to be shouted out, not written on the 3rd page, and certainly not ignored. We don't need a reason to be patriotic, we don't need a reason to do the right thing, but when you go over and over and over the expectation of others to show your love for them - you are, and Denzel & his family are, American Heroes! THANK YOU.

Someone is sending around an e-mail with pictures of Denzel and the men and women of the center hugging, loving, talking - and then they present the question: Why can't others like Madonna, Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins do more for their country in terms of supporting our troops? I don't know the answer. I know this: Men and women with their hearts set like Denzel's, Gary's, Vince Vaughn's, Toby Keith's, Jessica Simpson's, and others who show their love for our troops should be celebrated! Let the others hear you where it counts - at the box office. (Oh wait, you did! Lions for Lambs flopped! Thanks America!)

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