Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Sorry, I Simply Can't Stalk You at This Time.

Sorry Mr. Sinise, but I really have no time to stalk you at this present time. I realize that this weekend would be a fantastic time to do so, but I must be about my business in Chicago meeting, greeting, speaking to, and representing at the H.H. Backer Pet Expo. It really will be such fun. Ironically, I will be attending a function at the Navy Pier this weekend, just one weekend from the time the Lt. Dan Band shows up - as usual I have missed them again.

For over a year now my schedule and the schedule of Gary Sinise have been crossing in such strange ironic criss-crossing. We just miss each other. Seattle, Dallas, even my own hometown of where Tinker Air Force base hosted the LDB - I was in his home town of Chicago. We were on Oprah that day - and again, I'm performing in Chicago and missing out on the fun in Malibu, where I was actually scheduled to be but took the gig in Chi-town to be a rep for Dublin Dog Collars. (You Should be So Lucky!) Oh, but all is not lost, I will be going by Steppenwolf Theatre to see a show possibly, and it wouldn't be completely out of my way to blow a kiss to the stage manager, or to go around back and take in the aura of the great ones who have been performing for years at that venue.

On my trip to Chicago this weekend I will see the Emerald, my new place of residence in the near future, and I will be able to perfectly stalk the employees of MY new Starbucks just outside the building where I will live. I also want to pop in and see a jazz show at Buddy Guy's and dine with the pizza-loving crowds on the walk, I love that town! I love my life! Don't get me wrong, it would be fun to chase the man a bit, but I have to be honest, I'm a bit out of practice. After 8 years of not dating I seem to have misplaced my radar! Perhaps I'll find it again - in time for some fine bass playing, turtle-smiling, green-eyed,nasal-voiced man to come up behind me and say "Boo". After all, who said I have to be the one doing all the stalking? He misses my schedule as often as I miss his - I believe in equality.

If you're in Chicago this weekend come see me - I'm at the expo. Faith would love to hug you. If you're in Chicago next weekend, the 20th of October, go to the Navy Pier and see the Lt Dan Band - blow a kiss to Ben Lewis for me, he's the keyboardist - and if you have a chance to dance, please, please comes in the move.

Soon Mr. Sinise my friend, soon, I promise - when I get that opportunity sometime in the Spring perhaps, but until then - Godspeed.

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