Monday, October 8, 2007

Postive Please, Thanks!

I am one of THOSE people. The one you usually stare at because I just seem so up all the time. I get that word a lot "Jude, you're so UP"...I am up. I'm up in the joy of it because I know the alternatives aren't that great. What do we do to ourselves when we're negative? Please, give me positive every time! I just don't do negative well - oops, that was negative! I do positive excellently! Thanks, that was better. Oh, and I talk to myself, my inner self, my soul, my heart, you call it what you want. I also talk to God all the time, which is the main reason I spent the money for a blue tooth! Sure makes things a lot easier now. I can rattle on and on and just laugh, smile, be at peace while the world is falling around me - but I look like I'm talking to a friend on the phone!

Nixing the negative is not always easy, but it does become easier the longer and the more dedicated you are at the practice. Yes, I had to put up with people I love making mindless remarks about me when they saw me (see me) tapping my forehead or the side of my nose - I listened to them complain when I wouldn't let them complain. I turned everything they said around so that it was being presented to me anyway, in a narrowing more positive way, rather than a broad cannon shot of unnecessary ugly! Can you focus for me just a second? Try it and see if it doesn't seem to be a better solution. The kids come in screaming, yelling at the top of their lungs about the unfairness of it all, and you're suppose to just know instinctively what they're upset about, and on top of that, you're expected to FIX whatever is ailing their little heads and hearts at that VERY minute! You're the mom, it's YOUR job!

I learned the hard way that narrowing the situation down to a few critical issues made more sense - put it in a positive light, find me a way out, and I'll make the world dance. I promise. The hard part could be the fact that you, or me in my case, don't really believe in yourself boldly enough to achieve the success in not being negative - but there isn't another way that makes any sense, and remaining negative only keeps the hurt in the forefront - get rid of it, blast it out of the way all together and literally REFUSE to be negative - only positive, only good, only lovely, only truth, only solutions: problems remain, but they are workable. Situations continue, but their outcome is more focused and so much more manageable. Do I have your attention yet? It changed MY LIFE so I know what I mean when I say "give it to me straight". I can take any truth, any truth whatsoever, but a lie is a negative front that hurts, mames, tears, and destroys everything - peace comes from the action of being positive.

When I began speaking literally from the stage about being and living positively I began a mission that even I didn't know how big it would become. Since I have forced negative energies away from me I am blessed and bombarded with precious positive energies from people who see the light almost immediately, and they can't help but want to change. I used to hold a little wand in my hand and tap a person on the arm or head if they said anything negative to me. Often times they didn't realize how negative they were being. Here's an example: A friend thanked her husband this weekend for hanging the new curtains she had just purchased, but then she added at the end of her thankful thought "...even though you were nasty this morning." That was negative, it was unnecessary, and it made her husband's effort of hanging the drapes seem fruitless and unappreciated. He left the house immediately, and she looked at me and said "He's so mean sometimes, he didn't even say goodbye." I leaned over very slowly - I told her I was going to smack her in the head, and then I smacked her in the head! When I repeated her words to her, she suddenly gasped as if her own words were never even imaginable. "I did say that didn't I? He was being so nice!" We do this, and we don't even realize what, why, or when it happens. It's habit.

So, knowing now what we know - that being positive can be learned, trained, done, and it can be a great habit to start and build on, there is NO REASON not to do it from this very very very minute and forever more. Just stop the unwanted, stop the ugly, stop the ungrateful, and the unappreciative - be thankful, be loving, be blessed, and be the one to spread the joy so that those who haven't been shown the truth can be blessed too....OK, time to break out in song, right? If you think that way, I can guarantee you that you're only mad at yourself, because I'm not mad at me...I actually like me! I love me! In fact, if I wasn't me I'd be me! I'd be my friend if I just met me. I'd want to take me everywhere so that I could help me be the person I want to be...making sense yet? I hope so, because it's not always rainbows and fluffy clouds, sometimes it's hard rain and rushing rivers of sorrow - but it doesn't have to be hurtful. You can decide for yourself, like I decided for myself, what to stop, who to stop being with, who to stop listening to, who to be encouraging to, who to be encouraged by. If your family is the problem, like mine was, you have to let them know your stand on things.

Holidays won't be the same. I'm not going to the traditional homestead, instead I'm calling the shots and making every day, every moment of every day beautiful. It does require strength, but there's plenty of that to be found right in the center of my heart - it's ME! It's always been there, it's about time I let me out for good! If you're interested in finding you again, or for the first time, try the exercises you can find online about "tapping" or "EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques" they are wonderful. No, it's not New Age, in fact, the ancients would say it's THEIR secret, but it's no secret - it's the best medicine I can share. It's real living.

Step one: Love you enough to do it for you.
Step two: Get rid of everything negative by turning it around and focusing on the solution, not the problem.
Step three: pray, believe, and always remember to give thanks...for everything even the bad, and you know what? Because God said He would - He will bring it to happen!

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