Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thought Processing!

Wow! You know what? This mediation thing is just getting to be too much fun. I have joined a group of 4 or 5 people with the Secret, we're talking to each other daily and praying for each other and our needs. We're doing everything according to the plan that was set out so many thousands of years ago and all of a sudden we're beginning to realize how much fun it is to think about each other and then the other person's thoughts actually pop into our heads. Now, I don't know if you know this, but I'm not a scientist! I'm not. I'm not into math. Math to me, an English person, is a 4-letter word - but I have always been interested in quantum physics and all the infinite details thereof. One of the things I most appreciate about quantum's principles is that I have NO idea how they work - but they always work, and they ALWAYS work according to their ruling laws of elemental structure and/or interactive principles. That much I understand. 1+1+2 = 4. I get that.

I was sitting up this morning meditating, and by the way, we all meditate differently. I was staring at a photograph and thinking through it - it's a focus thing, sort of a transfer thing. I was doing that when my brain had a V shape feeling to a section of it. Something I had never experienced before, and when I told my doctor friend he said "a V-shape, what do you mean?" I told him I felt a powerful force from either side of the brain and thy had a meeting in the middle at the top of my head, so that's a V - right? He stared at me. Later today he called me and told me that I had experienced something kinetic that occurs in electricity known as an arc. We all know about arcing. He told me to be careful that I didn't short circuit myself....damn, here I was thinking it was going to enlighten me, and he's telling me it could kill me to think too far into the brain - we just don't know enough about our brains and how they work yet!

Gaylene disagrees! (and so do I) She mentioned that the V-shape represents the FEMALE and/or fertility powers of the universe and that perhaps what I was doing was releasing or opening up to, pulling in, the overall powers that come from being a female and the way we emit and distribute our own feelings, thoughts, energy. What I was doing exactly, was looking at a photo of a man, a certain man, and when I did think or process through him, it was a way of connecting perhaps. No, not perhaps, I did. I like that idea. I like the concept of being able to be a woman even inside the folds of my brain...we may not understand it, it may be beyond us as humans, but then again, we think therefore, we are - or perhaps the reverse is ever so true: We are, therefore, we think.

Breathe, breathe, breathe...giggle.

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