Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shooting the Dart Into the Dog! Ouch!

Yes, yes, it's true - Faith is a dog. I know, for all of her national and international fame and good will, you may think that she's an earthly angel, and she may be, but she's....a real dog. She can be a major pain the butt at times too, believe me - she seeks cover at the most inopportune times and makes me eat crow from time to time when I swear she's completely friendly. She has actually only bitten one person all the way - but he deserved it. I thought he was reaching for my arm last Christmas, but he was reaching for Faith. I was holding her and she just became a bit more protective perhaps than I had imagined. CLAMP!

Well, dogs being dogs, they have to travel in cargo from time to time. When we're in America we have decided to make it easier on the hosts and to fly Faithy baby under the cargo when we can. If we're just going from Oklahoma City to Dallas we fly First Class, but on a little longer trip that may cost the host too much to bring us out, I will begin allowing Her Highness to travel in her crate under the belly as long as it's made perfectly clear that she is to end up at the same place that I do! We had a problem last Winter when I went to Orlando, but she ended up visiting the Windy City for a few hours delay! That was freaking scary for both of us. Not to mention the hosts and the audience who had gathered to welcome Faith from the various humane societies in the Orlando area.

This week Faith is going to be her annual shots and she'll be given an INTERNATIONAL microchip gizmo so she can be tracked and monitored. We're adding a GPS so that if she is lost her vet(s) in Oklahoma City and Edmond will be notified. Faith has a bit of an entourage actually: She has an attorney, a booking agent, a talent agent, two vets that see her routinely, and her people - us, the actual family that tags along with her, feeding her, making sure she wears her vest properly, and getting into coffee houses and libraries around the country so she can be seen, loved, and hugged on. Her favorite places to hang out are the Dallas and the Chicago airports because Army guys and girls come in routinely! I think she likes the Pacific Ocean too - she seems to get a kick out of chasing the gulls into the water and trying to catch them while I feed them as they hover over us - just above nose level! Up go the ears, and that dog is yelping as she leaps and jumps up. I don't think she'd ever hurt one of the birds, but she has been "marked" by them...enough to send her into the water to wash herself off.

Rabies, boosters, microchips, all very fast injections, but I'm not looking forward to it. She takes it well - better than I would. Her new pink tag will be pretty on her new Dublin Dog camo collar, and she'll be ready to travel throughout the world in 180 days. Who knew you had to wait 6 months from the day they draw the blood for the chip before you could take your dog to Spain, France, Germany, England, Australia, or even Canada for that matter? I didn't know it. I found that piece of information out today - well, at least she'll be OK for the stateside soldiers! She'll be in the airports soon enough, waiting on their flights, and killing time by running up and down the moving sidewalks....she's such a geek at times! It's like taking a toddler to the Fair.

Faith has such a great time in public people think of her as being a show dog, but the truth of it is she'd rather spend the entire day under the bed eating bacon....seriously, but I won't let her.
Thanks for showing us your love and support! We're hoping to come see you soon.

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