Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Secret! (It's really real)

OMG - when I think about this, when I let my mind sit, and mull this over I am blown away. The actions that I took when I was a child, the uninhibited, unprovoked thoughts of positive thinking have come full circle in my life TODAY. TODAY I experienced the awakening that I have been asking for, looking for, underestimating, and understandably ignoring - for years - because as I remember it, being a child was something I did when I was indeed a child. When we become adults, even young adolescent adults, we cease the play at times, we stop the flow, we crimp off the energy that kids and babies seem to explode with and when we do that, we lose everything.

Have you read or heard The Secret? It is a book written by Rhonda Bryne, but a concept known to the great minds of every walk, every culture, every century since people have journaled. If you think about it - we can ONLY know about other lives from the past (history) if someone took the time to write about it. Stories being passed down the lines are awesome, but someone, somewhere, at sometime ended up writing these stories out, and that is the premise of the book itself. The fact that these people, these great minds, thinkers - doers of the world, DID something, they DID what we know needs to be done - and that is to stop (at all costs) negative thinking. When we think negatively, we bring negative thoughts, negative action into our minds, which then infiltrates our hearts, and we expect negative things to happen - as the cycle continues in a negative spin, we are NEVER disappointed because we receive EVERYTHING we thought would be coming to us - well, the good news it, and I guess Rhonda Bryne calls this event(s) "The Secret"; is that when the opposite is applied to our lives - at all costs - we will, we do, we must, receive the positive. I knew this at 9, but I lost it somewhere between 9 and 39.

About the time I turned 40 I realized that everything in my life was flat out negative, with the exception of ONE thing: I had my kids back finally, but it took 5 years of horror in the courts to get them. Five years of agony, torture, extreme hatred on every side, and all this negative living and negative fighting led to weight gain, unhappy work relations, debt, fear, and fear always begats more fear. I found that I was just at the end -- which is exactly where I had to be in order to have NO OTHER WAY to go, but up. Thank God - He forced me on my knees and finally on my face so that I had ONLY one way to look, and that was up. I looked up.

Well, in 2006 Bryne wrote an amazing book titled "The Secret". I had not heard of it, but it was mentioned to me recently. I ignored the mention. I continued however, with the positive thinking that I was working with in my own heart; something I called My Contract With Christ, because Ps. 37:4 guaranteed me that if I only delighted myself in the Lord, He would give me the desires of my heart. That's a contract. He offered, it was a valid offer, I accepted, and the exchange was made. I delighted, He provided. Bam! The next time someone mentioned "The Secret" to me I listened. Not only did I listen, I sat up and took full notice of what was happening in my life. I had already (through positive outlook) decided to stop negative thinking and to replace negative language such as "I'm tired" or "I'm starving" with words like "I need rest" and "I need to eat". Same result, but the connotation is everything when you remember that I'm an English teacher!

There you go. I began implimenting the secret of the book, and in just a few hours I found more to celebrate than I can even write about because if I told you what happened I would be kicked off this blog! You'd write to me and say I was a sensationalist, a liar; that I was only trying to make you believe in fantasy - you know what - that would be YOUR loss. I was blessed today more than 6 separate times with situations, scenarios, sales events, and gifts from absolute strangers! Strangers paid for my student loans a month or so ago, people I have never met - and today strangers walked up to me and asked me for directions 3 separate times. I finally asked the last couple why they asked me, there were dozens of people in the mall - why me. The woman said "You have a glow about you, I was actually drawn to you for some reason." Her husband nodded. Three separate times today someone asked me for directions! Wow!

When I was 7 I was standing in the front yard of my house at 2212 N. Mueller in Bethany, Oklahoma. I wanted to perform a roundoff back sumi and I didn't know how to do it properly. I didn't have a coach. What I had was a desire, I had seen Olga Korbit do it on television just a few minutes before, and she was awesome. She was small like me, she had pigtails like me, she had a white swimsuit like me - hers it turns out was a professional leotard...I had a white one piece. I wanted to do the gymnastic deed - and I SAW (visualized) myself doing it - and then, that day, after seeing myself succeed - I did it. I landed perfectly the first time. My mom about killed herself trying to get out of the house to stop me - but I was already on my feet, standing up, and laughing! The secret? I SAW it, I wanted it, I thought I could, I believed I could - and then: I did it! She asked me how I did it, how I didn't fall - my answer was simple "I didn't see myself falling Mommy. I saw myself doing it. Falling would have hurt."

THAT is the secret to The Secret. Want it, see it, know it is, and it will be. Delight yourself in the Lord, and HE will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to Him and HE will bring it to pass. Heck, He made the universe, the least He could do would be to fulfill a desire or two right? RIGHT. Never under estimate the power of power. We may not believe electricity is around us, but it is. We may not understand the fact that we (our bodies) are magnetized, but we are. We attract things - we pull things to us, we ask and it is...whether we want to or not. So, it only makes sense to WANT to. Start the WANTING to, and think the WANTING before the action, and get this - it is.

But please, don't take my word for it. THINK for yourself, and don't keep this secret to yourself. It really is the answer to so many things you wanted to say and feel when you thought you weren't able to - we're not so old to be trained. We only need our will, and our want. You gotta love a girl that knows what she wants....my desires are MINE and the fact that you're reading this blog is proof that my desire has been given to me. I am a writer, I write. I am a thinker too. I think. I am a doer, I will do, and I will be the partner I was designed to be. I will be the lover I was made to be, and the really cool thing is - God will bring it to pass!

Start thinking!

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