Sunday, September 9, 2007

Emerald (City) on Green Street in Chicago!

OK...found it! I've been searching online and asking a particular realtor about property in Chicago because I know, I just KNOW I'm going to end up in that city someday. I hope it's sooner than later, I hope it's faster and easier than it's been in the past. I have found the ONE spot in the entire city of Chicago that best suits my needs. I'm including a photo that is actually on the site for the construction: so you too can see where I'll be lighting and calling home. I'm hooked on a 2 bedroom / 2 bath southern corner unit, Unit 8, and I would prefer the top or the next to the top floor. (I'm sure someone already occupies that spot, and my realtor will have to go in and offer them a deal they can't refuse - Scorpio gets her way you know. Wink.)

If you'll notice in the picture I am standing right outside the little Starbucks on the left hand side of the screen. They caught me ordering my quad-shot cappuccino and asked me to pose for the illustration. I want to thank the artist for helping me knock off those last twenty pounds - awesome! If we could all be SIMS and just mill around our little universes without a thought one as to what we actually needed to do - it would be grand.

The Emerald is a buy for me. I won't rent. I've decided that where I am an Oklahoman, it would be best for me to venture north and become a part of a city that makes more sense to me. I'm all about art, museums, reading, writing, performing, talking, sharing and giving - this state and my particular city are just not equipped to give me the stimuli I require. Albeit, Saturdays in Norman, Oklahoma are quite exciting during the fall - and there's NO place else I would rather be than at the game - unless it was in the arms of someone I can think of right off the top of my head, but you know what - given the choice on any given Saturday, even Mr. Sinise may take second fiddle to the Sooners; depending on the lineup. I'm talking Miami, Texas, OSU, that sort of a match - I'm at the game. If OU was entertaining a Baylor, Georgia Tech, maybe A&M, yeah, Sinise would win....but I digress - we were talking about Chicago's Emerald City.

I'm taking Emerald City for another reason too. I love the area. It's in the theatre district, it's close to the museums, the art, the people, the coffee - the transportation - and, and, and, it has a great 8,000 sq foot lobby with a fitness center, business center, elegant great room and conference center, it has beautiful bamboo flooring, stainless steel everywhere, and the best view of the city from where I would be buying - again, I may have to oust a newly wed couple or perhaps some hip new up and comer, but hey - money talks. (hahaha) I know my new place will have NO CHILDREN, at least not my unit, and I will have one of those dog-walkers come take my Matrix out two or three times a day - maybe even bathe him, and put little bows on his ears - he'd hate me forever if I did that.

It will be a while - if you're in my unit you may be able to celebrate Christmas there. Feel free to take photographs so you can remember what it was like when YOU lived there - but it will be sold to me someday - I'm not the least bit arrogant, just me - I rarely take no for an answer if I want something, but I'm never mean about it - just me. Move already - please, and thank you.

Come see me when I get there, give me a week to put the boxes away. Actually, I've decided to move without anything other than what I can ship by UPS in 4 boxes. The rest I'll buy online at some fancy-schmancy furniture store with a cool name - IKEA, that's the one. I've also decided to use the Home Depot in the area for any improvements. I'm sure the place will be loaded with someone else's idea of perfection when I show up - no problems, paint and textures are in the bag. I went to the Home Depot University classes. I can do this! They can help me. I'll do a mapquest to see how far I have to go to actually get the supplies, maybe rent a car for the day, maybe go into Carol Stream or something, maybe get a friend to help. Buy a rug or two, buy some glass brick for the shower, buy a little cinnamon candle for the bedroom. Maybe - just maybe, I can persuade a certain Music Man to jam a little every once in a while, I do love my jazz.

I never take no for an answer - please, and thank you.

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