Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That Love Match Thing Again

I swear, you people crack me up! I write a little blog about a Scorpio Woman the other day (because I am one, and the newer more modern astros tell me that not only is Pluto NOT a planet now, they've moved my zodiac sign back - My birthday of November 22, has now become a Sagittarius!) The e-mails have been staggering. Staggering is a funny word - they've been STACKING up and I can't answer them all - so here's my attempt at answering the burning sex question (yes, people assume all Scorpio women think about is sex).

Question most asked: "What sign is most sexually compatible with Scorpio women?"

ANSWER: I searched, I looked, I thought it out - I did my homework. I even blogged about it a bit, but now I'm posting something from a separate site, another one - just to prove my point. I thought it would have been Capricorn - fun loving, sexually attractive, open, creative, and uninhibited...but it's not. He (my man) should be a .....drum roll please - a Pisces! Here's what the site said. You can google it if you like.

Perfect Sexuality and Love Match:

Scorpio Woman Dating Pisces Man This will be emotional intensity to the hilt! From before the first date there was a telepathic connection so strong between the Scorpio woman and Pisces man that it’s downright eerie. They may have dreamt of one another before actually meeting.
The Scorpio woman and Pisces man are a creative powerhouse and will soar to new levels of imagination together. The Scorpio woman helps her Pisces man embrace a sense of self while he helps her recognize she truly cannot control everything. Sexually, they are beyond this world for certain. They will put each other in a hypnotic trance during lovemaking and block out the rest of the world. Compatibility Rating: FOUR out of FOUR hearts. It just doesn't get any better than this - go for it - all day and all night.

That was verbatim. What can I say but this : Gary? Oh Gary? Are you anywhere near me tonight? Don't mind my eyes staying open, I do that! (You're too pretty to stop looking - giggle)

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