Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris - My Turn, My Take.

No one actually agrees with me, and that's never really upset me - my opinion on the whole issue of whether or not Paris Hilton was treated differently is that YES, she was treated differently. However, and this is a big however, I think it was warranted. No, go ahead, laugh and call me names, but I've said it a million times - you don't put kittens in with Rottweilers and expect them to be OK when you come back to let them out. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Kittens aren't always nice, they're all fuzzy, cute, and adorable, but they claw, they bite, they break things - it doesn't mean you throw them to their death because of it.

What separates a Paris Hilton from a Caity Stringfellow, (because over and over everyone asks me if I would say the same thing if it happened to my kid.) is simple. Caity is a lioness - she'd be the one to worry about in prison. Caity will survive no matter what. She's the type of kid, like Paris, that will drive without a license, but she drives well - she doesn't break a speeding limit, she doesn't follow too closely, she doesn't drive drunk, so if she's caught - there's an issue with the officer - and yes, my kid. If an officer of the law can determine from behind his steering wheel that a kid in front of him doesn't have a license - that's a great cop! The fact is, sometimes the good and the bad get busted. Putting Paris through the court system was the right thing to do. Putting her in lock down may or may not have been the best - but putting her in with the general public would have been a major mistake, and no matter how much money the Hiltons have , I would have encouraged them to sue to the end of eternity - you don't put kittens in with Rottweilers, no matter what they've done. Put them in with other kittens, and give them yarn to share perhaps....let them do their time, and hey - here's a concept - LEAVE THEM ALONE Mr. and Ms. Media!

When Lindsay was in trouble, when MK Olsen quits school, or she has a bad attitude in public, maybe because the public is forcing it - the world thinks it's news. It's not news, it girls being girls - your kid, my kid, they'd all do the same thing - flip you off, say something inappropriate, be a bit trashy - nothing new! Girls, teenage girls - being teenage girls. Now, if one of them were to turn around after being harassed and say something profoundly polite, giving, generous, and without malice -write about it, share it with the world, because THAT would be news. Or, if one of them didn't drive to the clubs, didn't get drunk at the whim of their publicist, didn't try to make a claim for their name - or the upcoming movie - that would be news - but if they have a film coming out, you can bet they want their name in lights. It's just too bad that you, Mr. and Ms. Media - tend to write about them predominantly when they're bad - why? Sales? Sell-out. (What, did you forget you're a parent too?!)

Well, welcome home Paris - (you too, Lindsay) and may the grace of a living, loving God be with you, not the sappy, lying, filthy, hounding voices of eager-to-hurt reporters. I hope you never see flashing lights in your rear view again, and if you do....chin up.

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