Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Faith & Politics

The Democratic presidential candidates are off the hook for a while, the Republicans are taking the heated questions tonight as the world awaits to see who it is that CNN believes we should be voting for. Did you notice? They set the stage up so that Edwards, Clinton, and Obama were in the middle, and of course they placed Hillary in the center of the boys - and no, it wasn't a surprise that the three of them cornered the market on time -only actually being beaten out by a couple of minutes by CNN's own Wolf Blitzer - who, if he ran, would probably be more trusted than any of the candidates I heard Sunday.

The polls ran all night long, and in the morning, Monday morning, we knew who the general public wanted for their front runners - the three in the middle. DUH - how easy is that? What was interesting to me was how again, CNN put the three front runners on Sojo.com's Faith and Politics show Monday - asking them about their personal beliefs in God, in Jesus, what they would pray for if they were prayerful people -- did any of us think they would say something to the contrary to what the American public wants to hear? Questions about infidelity, abortion, personal prayers, service attendance, what they thought about the Pope, and how they differed in their views or point of views vs. that of our current president.

Hillary was first to throw out the catch-phrase of "wearing religion on their sleeve" as being something she had always been a bit leery of - OK, I can see that. Edwards openly acknowledged Jesus as being his personal Savior, as I would have, but I can see where some might think it was a vote-getting tactic, or perhaps a way to sway the voters to at least pay more attention to your next debate - after all, Edwards was in the top 3, he'll be back for one more round before the two big dogs chase him off the front porch - watch and see if I'm not right about that one.

Obama played it safe, a bit safer than most, but I think it's because he realizes that if he were to come right out and say it - it - the big it - he'd lose the prayerful voting public - again, did we really expect anything but this? I loved Hillary's candor, I thought she was elegant, and she had the right answers about what she would pray for - claiming that if she hadn't been a prayerful person before she and Bill entered the White House in 1993 then she certainly became one. (That's the truth - the part about her not being very prayerful before hand - I mean.) I want to hear that my leaders are Christians, I want to hear that they are following God's law, but the truth is, that if they don't - they may still make good leaders. I would personally RATHER have a Christian in the office, I wouldn't care if he or she were for or against some of the standard social issues - I know what I don't do, and don't wish to see happening, but that doesn't mean I have the right to impose my feelings and thoughts on the boss - we don't do that at the office do we? We don't interview our superiors and ask if they'll be for or against gay rights, gay marriages, abortion, military drafts, you name it - but maybe we should start!

Here's what I know: I'm a Republican. I'm a moderate conservative. I go to church at least 3 or 4 times a month. I pray constantly, never really saying "Amen" so that I can go right back into the conversation as I feel I should or need to. I'm not for abortion, I believe marriage is to be between a man and a woman, but I am for civil unions. I think if two men or two women have been together they should become eligible for insurance co-pays, benefits, etc., I just don't believe in the actual marriage part. Do I think having same-sex is a sin? Hell yes, and so is saying "Hell", and so is having pre-marital sex, and extra-marital sex, and so is getting the jump on someone in line, and so is speeding down the highway just to make it to wherever it is you're going. Homosexuality isn't something that sends you to Hell, but it is a sin. I found it hilarious that some of the candidates danced on that one. (By the way, I liked what Edwards said about sinning several times a day on a daily basis! We all do that, you know.)

So, as the Republicans gear up, (poor Rudy) on the Faith and Politics questions tomorrow - I hope they remember we're all a bunch of humans, we just don't feel like being perfect all the time - especially since we can't be. If God kept us out of Heaven for sin (He does actually, we have to accept Jesus) then we'd all be burnt to a crisp at the close of our last breath! I'm glad I'm not running for President of the United States. I'd be up there on the stage telling the truth, and GEES, America would just drop their collective jaws - and probably laugh a bit after they realized I wasn't too far off from what they were - just uninhibited enough to admit it.

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