Monday, June 11, 2007

Democrats Making Sense - Help me God.

The phone rang at 2:37 a.m. The voice on the other line was livid - absolutely livid! "Damn!" he stated, "I can't f*&^ing believe this. Hillary Clinton is making perfect sense to me Mom, what the hell am I going to do now?" It's moments like these that I actually refuse to wipe the sleep from my eyes in hopes that when I do get the boy off the phone he'll be a mystery to me in the morning - it will all have been a dream.

When he rants he rants, so I just let him go - from time to time I give the obligatory "yeah, I do understand, Son." Or something like "sure, sure" - but seriously, 48 minutes of listening to him debate with himself as to why Rudy wouldn't answer the gay-in-the-military question up front, why the Democrats have the time-line right, what the bleep-bleep is up with Romney anyway - the boy claimed he couldn't trust him, looked too slick, had that "hair" thing going on and the "guy whose name starts with a K", he had a hot wife. He still wasn't going to vote for him, but he had a hot wife. Sure. Sure.

Finally, after a while - I think I did follow through with the dream thing. Obama became president, Rudy was his V.P. They walked Bush and Cheney to the public library and sat them down in the Reference section and left them there. The walls of the White House began bitching over the uncertainty of the pair - being unequally yoked - and yet serving America as one. Maybe they were co-leaders, I don't know. About the time I wandered into Lincoln's bedroom and began rummaging through the drawers of the bureau - my son burped, bringing me back to the serendipity of the half-state I was suppose to be enjoying - I'm suppose to cherish these moments, I'm suppose to keep them all hidden in the folds of my endless heart - so I do.

About six seconds following the burp the boy realized that I had stopped murmuring to him, and that I was probably actually sleeping in the middle of the night. He explained to me that John McCain was supposedly ahead of Frank Thompson at this point, but that he didn't think the lead would last - however, he liked the fact that McCain would opening swear on camera. I remember him mentioning that to me before he sent me off to sand-city again. My dreams from that point were filled with - well, you don't really want to know about that - I'll just giggle to myself and think nice thoughts about a straight-mouthed man and his perky scarred up brows.

Come on Rudy! Answer the question - get back in the good graces of the boy - his could be the swing vote.

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jude said...

By the way - Reuben thinks EVERYONE should serve. He'd especially like more girls to join the Army...NOW.