Monday, June 11, 2007

The Bigger Sins.

I dropped my daughters off to their respective work locations today (Laura at PetCo and Caity at another pet store, a privately operated store in the same area) and decided to clean out the car before stopping by for my morning Starbucks. You can't just pull into Starbucks with a dirty car - people in SUVs pull up next to me, and they stare like I'm some sort of a hobo living in my Focus - which, I guess from time to time I do -I just don't take showers or actually sleep overnight in it.

The university has enough trash bins to supply a small land fill with storage, so I pulled in, kept the engine going - had the British band McFly busting loudly enough - and began the process. Luckily for me my daughters don't throw out their plastic shopping bags; along with everything else, they simply stuff them under my car seats. I pulled out a semi-fresh Target bag - thicker than most, and I began unloading from under the seats first. Filled it. Found another, did it again. Found another bag just under the Pet Gear three-step box that for some reason, even though the actual steps are out of the box, has remained in the back hatch. Much better than a bag, and far more secure when throwing out those 1/2 full or 1/2 empty water and tea bottles lining the back hatch. Oh, and I found two pieces of a giant pretzel - between the console and the driver's seat - I didn't even get the privilege of being the partaker, and it was in my "area".

The bigger sin, the one I can't tolerate, was the fact that I found two Starbucks sacks, little pastry sacks, folded over at the top, and the hardened, brick-like, now petrified zucchini breads still untouched - as if they were waiting to be fermented or something. You don't willingly pay $1.50 for a piece of breakfast bread and just file it in the back of the car with the books you bought at the garage sale girls - you just don't do that! EAT the bread, take the books and do something constructive with them - I don't know, READ them maybe. They paid less for the three books than they did one piece of bread - birds will feast in Edmond, Oklahoma tonight.

Actually, I think what I'll do with the mortar bars is to take them to the duck pond here at the university and see how long it takes them to sink to the bottom. You can almost make out the bottom of the pond if you stand on the statue that you're not suppose to stand on to watch things sink - and then you can eye-ball it from about four feet to the algae lined sandstone at the base - fish may feast tonight in Edmond, Oklahoma! This afternoon, when I pick the brats up from work, we're having the TALK....the "don't-you-dare-disgrace-bread-like-that-again" talk. Then, following the eye-ball rolling, the "whatever Mom" slur - I'll demand that they actually drink their drinks too - all the way to the bottom of the bottle - because I'm mean like that.

It's kind of funny actually, the girls not driving themselves to work I mean - the girls are what, 17 and 18, not driving. They don't even have their licenses - I think Laura may actually own a permit. I save on insurance that way you know, and then there's that less-chance-for-them-getting-into-an-accident thing before they reach majority. Reuben was 19 before he got his license - maybe Laura will follow closely - something tells me Caity will have about enough of the chauffeur thing by fall - but in waiting as long as she has the laws have changed. She can't get a license in Oklahoma until six full months from the time she gets her permit - who am I trying to fool? The brat's been driving since she was 11 - I just try to remember to ask God to forgive my sins before I ask Him to protect Caity on the road - gotta keep the line between He and I on the up! I don't throw out good bread!

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