Friday, May 25, 2007

Who Said Turtles Can't Fly?

If you know me you know I love Gary, and if you know I love Gary - well, you know I think he resembles a turtle! (Hey, a really really cute turtle! I like the shelled masters of battle!) She smiles because there's not a damn thing he can do about her feelings or the name calling.

On this Memorial Day I wanted to thank the men and women wearing GREEN and of course, I can't forget those wearing white or blue, or dusty brown, and in some cases - black, but you can't see them, they're not really there - but I wish to thank them anyway. I passed by a car this morning with a bumpersticker that was camouflaged - it read "You can't see me flipping you off" and yes, I laughed; sort of reminded me of the way most of our soldiers would be if they could let down their guards for a second and tell the truth about what's going on in the world as a whole. NEVERTHELESS, we are at war, we are in this, and we have men and women out there standing their ground - standing for us, you, and for me. We simply must appreciate that fact.

Sinise is out there this week, has been for a couple of weeks now, in Blackhawks, tanks, on the ground, in the tents, visiting and thanking the uniformed armed forces from every branch he can get his arms around. I like to think that he wouldn't mind squeezing a couple of extra soldiers for me, and if he can - kiss a few! I love kissing soldiers - and since I'm here and not there, he can complete this mission if he will. Give them a big fat wet one for me Gary Alan! Thanks.

You have to admit, that straight mouth of his, his permanently perked brow, the green body armor - and now that hat! He's from the Galapagos Islands for Pete's sake - he even turns his hands in when does his push ups....just like a...well, OK OK...I'll let it go. Thank you Army. Thank you Marines. Thank you Navy. Thank you Air Force, and thank you Coast Guards, National Guards, reserves, and prior service personnel with a big, huge, and personal THANKS to my baby boy Reuben, Pvt. Stringfellow of Ft. Wainwright, Alaska - You can't see me saluting you, but I do - and I will.

Happy Memorial Day to you - and Gary, thank you my friend. You are the ambassador we need today. Hooah!

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