Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lawns for Love!

This is what LOVE looks like

This U.S. Army soldier is passing out school supplies to kids in Iraq. This is due in part because of the organiztional skills and love of Gary Sinise and author Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit) who founded Operation Iraqi Children.

As most of you know, anyone who reads my blogs on a daily - or as the title reflects, almost daily; you already know that I am completely in love with Gary Sinise. Not in love like he's the best actor in the world, or that I want to rip his clothes off - just the real kind of love that deeply affects a person's heart when she (I) try really hard to think of something else - anything else, but can't choose what my heart will do. I love - it's eternal, can't help it, I deal with it.

There is a way to help my soul however - and I found this out while I was dreaming. YES, of course, I was sitting on top of Gary in the dream, but that has NOTHING to do with the concept that was bourne from the dream itself. I decided to act on the dream's sublevel development. I decided to create a means to help Operation Iraqi Children without Gary's presence. He doesn't have to be there all the time - dreams are good. He can live his own life, have his own existance - you know - the way he would anyway - and I can do something that actually might make a difference in the lives of thousands.

I'm an aggressive person - you know that. I decide to do something and it gets done. I rarely wait on anyone to assist me. I believe there are two types of dreamers: those who think about what they dreamed, and those who make their dreams come alive. I'm the latter. I decided to call the parole officers in the county I live. I asked them to work with me in order to get this dream to wings. I want them to give me the names of 100 kids that will be serving community service soon - 100 hours or so. The kids (mainly boys, but girls can mow lawns too) will be mowing lawns to create good will. They will be mowing lawns for people who will pledge money to the OIC through envelopes I provide. The envelopes will have pictures of my son (a U.S. Army Soldier) standing with an Iraqi kid - one like the kids the other U.S. Armed Forces pass out supplies to. Reuben is in Alaska now, but he'll be in Israel, Iraqi, or Iran before too long.

With Oklahoma County behind me I know I can reach 10-12 other Oklahoma counties. I am working now with counties in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri - we have great lawns. I'm working also with counties in Central Florida, because the Southwest region will not have any lawn work in the winters, but the Southern states will. I want this to be an all-year event, year after year. If we ever stop passing out supplies in Iraq - we can pass out supplies somewhere else. My hope is that many thousands, if not millions of lives will be changed. I can't be there when my baby boy goes to the Middle East, but as a teacher, he knows my love is inside EVERY package he or his buddies hands to a kid - smiling, he can feel my heart smiling right back at him.

Call it what you may - I only actually stalk Gary in the dead of night - when even I'm not aware of the real world - drifting in and out of happy-places....coming up with ideas that can change the world.

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