Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey Armed Forces - SHOUT OUT!

Twanna Smith (a wonderful woman) connected with the USO Organization returned my e-mail today stating that although Faith (my dog) was a great inspiration and would probably have a great time on the USO tours - that the USO works primarily with celebrities - she'd keep our information on file though - - I had to laugh.
The USO is a fantastic way to get the Armed Forces and celebrities together, to lift morale, to bring great spirit, to show the world that people (and in this case a dog) are willing and able to support our American Armed Forces no matter where they are stationed throughout the world. The thing is, the USO doesn't have a clue-one as to what they've got if they're turning down the most loved animal on the planet, and certainly one of the most recognized animals ever to live. Faith's celebrity status must have been in question because someone at the USO didn't know who she was - Oprah knows who she is! Oprah has had Faith featured on her show a number of times and has gone on RECORD as having said that Faith is one of her ALL-TIME favorite guests. OK - so maybe that's not celebrity.
Faith has a way of showing up celebrities actually, and without naming names - but it would be so much fun to do so - I'll say that Faith has been the reason that many celebrities, singers, actors, dancers, and professional football players DON'T book their appearances the same day that Faith is going to appear at a certain military base because they KNOW that the line outside the door won't be for them - again, no names, but one particular blond bombshell that makes the USO tour nearly every season stated from stage last February that Faith's appearance at the base she showed up at made her feel vulnerable - her words "Two beautiful blond bitches in the room is just one too many!" I love that woman, and will always consider her to be a friend. She knew the truth. Faith doesn't have to take her clothes off, wiggle like a worm, or sing the National Anthem to get anyone's attention. She does it because she's - Faith.
So, ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES, COAST GUARD, and all of your beautiful troops surrounding the world with your protection and love - write to : if you would like to see Faith the Dog come out to see you on the next USO tour. Believe me, you make the call on this one. She's not sexy like Jessica, and she's not going to sing full heartedly as Toby might, or even command a great band like Gary Sinise - but she will stop the show dead in it's tracks, talk about POWER - just seeing Faith walking upright is reason enough to remember why you're out there in the first place - BELIEF that it is the right thing to do. FAITH in what you can achieve, COURAGE - standing right in front of your face - willing to love without anything in return.
If you haven't see Faith in action, go to the website: and look up her videos and photos. You'll see her love for the troops in the "Stuck in Dallas" photo gallery for sure. She whines and cries like a baby at the very sight of a man or woman in ACUs, God must be telling her something about you guys - it's in the heart! Thanks so much. If you guys can ask for us, we can be there. Hooah!

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