Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The After Party!

These water balloons belong to the Eads family, ours were swirled with colors and called "Groovy Soakers", because we're cool like that - it was the moment of moments - the peace following the storm.
Moving is always a big, fat, hassle, and the muscles in your body remember your abuse for weeks. Caity had an interesting idea tough. We couldnt decide whether to throw away our 11 little plastic bags of balloons or donate them to someone who was going to have a birthday party soon. Laura's party is next week, but we knew if we packed the little guys they'd never be found and we knew that if we took them with us, we'd end up wasting them before the party - balloons are cheap - you gotta use 'em right? Right! THE AFTER PARTY!
Some of our friends had already left by the time we had vacuumed the house, swept, mopped, and wiped down the cabinets. It's amazing how much dust accumulates and you just end up living with it. We didn't find any loose change in the sofa or the loveseat either - but we found Caity's leopard shoe, her lucky hairbrush, and a CD case for Michael Buble's HOME - that was good news, let me tell you. We didn't want to just give the balloons away to the people helping us - we didn't want to just GIVE them to someone else to play with. We fought over them fairly, squarely, like animals should, and then we found spikets throughout the neighborhood to load our fun - so we could hide and lie in wait, the way you're suppose to!
The reward for some of our friends for coming by to help us was a wet one! We bombed anyone and everyone coming from any direction. Kids on bikes were great target practice - and two of them were recruited on my team. I had a total of four soldiers, and I commanded them well. Spring has most assurdely sprung in Edmond, Oklahoma. We have ponds and creeks everywhere, we have one right behind the house we're moving from, and it provided great folage covering for most of the night. I did take a break - they didn't, I did. The wine was out of the refrigerator because the refrigerator was gone - and I thought I spied a resisting opponent making her way to the kitchen through the open front door. NO WINE FOR MINORS - just a bulging blue and white balloon on your BUM for trying!
After the wine incident there were NO RULES - other than to clean up what you created. You can't very well turn in the keys to a house with remants of plastic balloons and wet spots all over the place - it's not done. We have our dignity - we just don't always show it up front. The house was restored to an incredibly presentable status - our balloons FINALLY ran out - 1100 balloons takes not only forever to load, but forever to throw and forever again to pick up! It was worth it. 23 soldiers in all, and we only had about 8 or 9 with us from the beginning. We met new troops - we know what it takes to bribe a private into service. Used food. One of the rules of enlistment was that you had to help us eat the food left over from the cabinets and the frig.
I think the only real damage was to the street when Laura's friend Ben got the idea that he could fill up balloons with some of the condiments from the kitchen's left-over box - that must have been hard on him trying to load a little tiny balloon with ketchep from a bottle that didn't have a squeezing action! Nevertheless - Ben was the master! The hose took care of what it could reach, and now we simply pray for rain. (and notify the local cops that no one actually died, even though Caity drew an outline on the concrete to make it look as if someone did...kids) LOL
That's it. That's my life - I live with dogs, and I raised kids. I admit my guilt, I admit my joy. Hope you had a great Monday!

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