Friday, April 27, 2007

Prayers for Rosie

I can say this out loud, and I think I can say it without hurting Rosie's feelings - I don't particularly like her as a person. I have actually never thought her comedy routine was funny; and in the day, I thought to myself "Who put her on stage anyway?" Never really appreciating her flat humor, or the way she generally cut people down in order to build herself up.

When Rosie had her talk show I saw a little different side of her. I didn't watch very often at all, mainly because of my previous dislike for her, however, there was a genuine good side that came out when she was at the desk. It seemed to me, and probably to her general audience, those that really liked her style, that she was trying to be a good hostess. Nevertheless, before too long into the discussions or conversations she began irritating me again, and rather than finish the interview, I remember turning the channel to something I found more interesting - which was anything at all actually.

The fact that I don't like Rosie O'Donnell doesn't mean that she's not a person to be considered in my thoughts and prayers because she is. We don't see eye-to-eye on probably 3 subjects. Let me see: I bet she and I would agree that animals should be treated humanely, with dignity and with true love. We would agree on that. She and I would agree that raising children has to be one of the most difficult and most rewarding challenges facing a woman today. No doubt, she would give me the high-five for that one. Thirdly, well, we both like to eat probably...good food. I'm not as thin as I want to be, Rosie would say "You're not that thin Jude, work on it if you want to", I can see her agreeing with me on the bread or ice cream issues in life...and that's about it.

We would, if we were in the same room, eventually begin a conversation, and it would probably - if I knew Rosie and myself - lead to a heated debate with one or the other of us saying something we either didn't truly mean fully, but actually we would probably MEAN it, but probably shouldn't have SAID it. There is a difference. We don't have to say everything we think - do we? I am a moderate to conservative Republican. I am against gay marriage, but have no problem with homosexuals loving one another or even seeking rights such as life-partner insurance benefits, retirement, etc...but to marry, that institution, in my opinion, was designed for a man and a woman. We wouldn't agree on abortion issues, and we certainly wouldn't agree on the way to express one's self regarding the World Trade Center, The Bush Administration, The War on Terrorism - or her therories about life after death (or the lack thereof). This doesn't mean she doesn't come directly into my heart daily because she does.

I have NO IDEA why I have always been a prayer warrior for what the world calls celebrities. When I was little I remember bowing my head and praying for Neil Young and Alice Cooper. I didn't know either of them, I was really very young - but felt that they needed a little guidance. Maybe it was from all the things my parents talked about when they mentioned how they were living, I don't know - I was 8 or something. As I continued to age I continued to pray, and I remember distinctly being ridiculed by friends and even a pastor for asking for prayer for the Bay City Rollers or the Bee Gees (specifically Maurice, as he and I had become acquainted in 1979). Ridiculed. This should never happen.

For years I have prayed daily, daily - literally every day, for Mary Kate and Ashley because they remind me so very much of my own girls in their personalities and they're really unique and wonderful styles. As they have grown my own girls have evolved and grown as well. I still pray very very often for the twins and hope they somehow feel loved even if by someone they may never meet. I pray all the time for Lindsay Lohan, feeling that someone needs to lift her up to God, and to pray for her joy - her peace. I don't have a reason to believe that I was called to pray for everyone - but whoever is laid on my heart, I pray for. Lindsay and my daughter Laura are so close in appearance, I'm sure that has something to do with it, but her relationship with her father in the past years has more to do with it - my daughters have struggled with their dad for years too.

Rosie. The blunt of many jokes, the person most known now for her ranting and her seemingly senseless anger about nearly everything. Doesn't that cry out "Help Me"? I can't help but stop and argue with her in my mind when I hear her speak, and I want to throw something right at the televison set because she's the reason I STOPPED watching the View. I may go back to watching it again now that she's quit - however....God, and I mean that, GOD has led me to pray often now for the woman I really felt was so completely polar opposite of myself - and I really couldn't stand to be with if we were together. THERE YOU GO, that's the reason! I find myself utterly repulsed and it has to be something deeper than just an opinion or two. Just because we don't agree doesn't mean she's wrong. She's not. She seems to have lost respect, dignity, integrity to some degree, and even her path to reality at times. Something is ascrew...she won't mind if I pray, I hope, that she finds peace and that she finds it as quickly as possible.

There is NEVER going to be someone that I find who agrees with me fully, and I don't think I want to find that person. How boring would that be? I'm not sure I agree with myself all the time - I evolve too. I change. If I needed prayer - I would hope EVERYONE would offer it - even those I don't know, even those I don't get along with, even those whose views and opinions are perfectly idiotic to my beliefs or world views. Prayer is good. Please take a minute, and think of someone you can lift up in prayer to a Lord that you believe will be big enough, strong enough, loving enough, to hear you. Prayer can change a heart - you may just find that person you end up praying for, loving.

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