Saturday, April 7, 2007

Emancipation! The Escape Plan!

She probably looks rather innocent to you - she may even come across as a little cute and cuddly - BE WARNED. This is my youngest brat, my last, my most-evil of evil spawn! In fact, she's my only evil spawn - and that ONLY because she has too many of my personal traits to be considered anything less than an incredible mimmick and replica of the original bitch from the original mold - SHE WILL BE GONE SOON!

Caity turns 17 on July 25, and that is the day she becomes an emancipated teenager! I am giving her exactly what she has been begging for, praying for, and what I have been looking forward to for a while now - OUR freedom! She, like me, graduated way too early (16) and has too much time on her hands. Homeschooling in Oklahoma is a bit of a hit-or-miss situation for most students, but for Caity, like me, it was a Mecca of freedom, and a grand opportunity to thwart everyone in our way to our goal, the path of finishing whatever it is that we enrolled-in in order to evenutally finish! She finished! 18 months early - and now she's just sleeping and hanging out, not making any good use of herself, and frankly she's driving me crazy!

Caity tried working - that didn't work. She tried taking over too, but they wouldn't give her the reins like I do. I learned a long time ago - let the girl go! Half the fun is watching her fly just low enough to get under the radar and just barely high enough to stop from crashing - too badly! She crashs alright - expensively, but what a ride! What a blaze of glory when she does! Like me, she's been an unending roller-coaster sort of life under my roof - and to be honest, we get along so much better apart from each other. Too much of a great thing I guess - but to be more honest, too much of a disaster! Comes a time - you kick 'em out the nest MOM, and if that means at 17, then it's 17! She'll fly - after a few really cool dives and flops, can't wait for the show! (I'll be there with my checkbook and bandages ready too.)

Laura will turn 18 on May 7, and where she's the first to go (of the girls) she will be the clingy one. She can't fly very far because she's hooked to my belt loop. She's the one tandom falling rather than spreading her wings - Caity, she's been counting down the days with lipstick on the mirror - 124 days, 123 days, 122 days...Laura cries NO MOM, NO!!! Laura knows I'll be leaving her in charge of the wild one. Hahahaha, take THAT for staying out too late, keeping the car too long, not making the deposit when I asked you to, for ditching school, for not feeding the dogs, for not finishing the dishes - YOU get CAITY!!!

Me, I'm moving to Chicago (alone)....121 days! YES.

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jude said...

Caity passed her 12th grade with a 4.0 and she took the ACT recently. Her 27 score will get her into any college in the local area, where she will study writing - and probably outsell anything I ever thought of writing.