Friday, March 23, 2007

Two More Pounds - 15 to Go!

I decided to weigh myself again - I hate that part of the whole Dwindling Author Diet thing, but if I don't do it I won't really know what I've accomplished. I tried weighing myself once about a month ago and got really upset because the scales were being so mean to me! I hadn't lost anything and there I was working out, exercising, drinking the water, doing the Hoodia - dang! Well, today I weighed again (and no, I didn't go to the Science Museum and use the gravity weight scale from the Moon - I was being fair!) I have lost another 2 pounds - THANK YOU GOD!

I have another 15 to go, but hey - 44 pounds have bit the dust, and I feel pretty gosh-darn good about that fact. When the time comes and I have to go under the knife (can't come fast enough) I will have pleased the medical staff that much more. I really would like to lose the other 15 before that day, but the probability seems against me - losing weight takes time and April 10th is creeping up on me. Maybe 3 or 4 more by then, but after the surgeries to remove the less-than-elastic skin and the unwanted DDs hanging around my ribcage - I should be right about where I want to be. I can exercise 4 weeks later and perhaps after staying on my back and/or not working out I'll need to do a little biking, hiking, triking, trekking, spinning, and grinning to get the old 1979 jeans I pulled out of my mom's garage last summer swearing I would wear again. (Who am I kidding - my daughter owns them now and says she'll cut my tongue out if I try to reclaim them.)

Who knew that an old pair of Levis would make a little brat so happy? I'm dreaming anyway if I think my post-baby hips would fit into the 28x36 jeans I wore under my graduation gown - ha! Not in this world. I'm hoping for the new-and-improved womanly figured old Levis 32x34 (how did I lose 2 full inches in the inseam?) It's a goal - it's good goal too - and one within my reach it seems - I'll save the 28's for my dreams....they can be pretty rewarding in and of themselves - dance, dance, dance.

Stay Tuned: The Dwindling Author is coming to a town near you!

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