Monday, March 19, 2007

I Believe!

Our philosophies are truly one of the only things we have that we can truly call our own. Billy Joel pointed out that our mistakes are also our own! I believe this.

I believe that everyone has to make the decision to do good over evil.

I believe that friends won't help you make mistakes, but will be there to help you when you do.

I believe that trust is more important than promises made.

I believe that letting go of the kids a little early is OK, just hold on to them when you do. Be there. Cry, but be there.

I believe that faith in God is your way of showing Him that you do believe Him and that you're willing to follow what He puts in your heart to do. WHATEVER that is.

I believe you shouldn't covet - which doesn't mean to WANT, wanting is normal, coveting means to ACT upon that desire illicitly to gain what wasn't or isn't suppose to be yours.

I believe that parents should never tell a kid where to go to college, but encourage them to go, and pay for it if you can - at least help. So what if your kid doesn't agree with your point of view - you didn't give birth to YOU, you gave birth to THEM.

I believe that stealing is stupid. Work!

I believe that music can make the ice melt in your soul.

I believe that dogs are the best secret keepers known.

I believe that cats don't care in the first place, and you can't trust them with your deepest feelings because they simply forget what you said the minute they walk away.

I believe that mail is precious.

I believe that coffee contains the cure to most social problems, and when taken on the porch in the springtime - of an evening with friends, it can be the central factor to saving the world.

I believe that chocolate is better than sex, but I won't trade, in time I believe I'll have the best of both worlds.

I believe that friends are closer than family sometimes.

I believe that critics are jealous.

I believe that love is never-ending and that you really don't have any control over it - none whatsoever...just delay, postponement, or denial.

I believe paying your debts is extremely important.

I believe giving financial support to churches and to children & women in need can be more rewarding if you NEVER ask where it's going - but give.

I believe prayer is the answer to our sadness and weakness.

I believe that honesty is paramount and hurtful at times.

I believe that waiting can be beneficial.

I believe that caring can heal you from within.

I believe that freedom comes at a terrible price from all of us.

I believe that our country really is the best country in the world and that we should support our administration.

I believe that politics are too political at times to be any good at all.

I believe that giving up can be the most free feeling in the world, as long as you give up to God, because He can handle what you can't.

I believe that my children love me because I fought to the death for them and even though I didn't actually completely die, they saw that I would. I believe that I would have crossed that line if it was called upon me to do so, and they would have loved me just the same.

I believe that YOU control what YOU hear about youself.

I believe that YOU are the ONE person you have to love before you can love someone else fully - so stop telling yourself negative things! YOU ARE GREAT.

I believe I'll stop now. I believe I've said enough for now.

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