Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes, yes, it's a few weeks I will be gorgeous. Stand back, take it all in, and then say "I knew her when she was fat and she's damn hot and happy!" Well, maybe I stretch the hope a bit, but I can...I'm a writer. The thing is, I hate it when celebrities (or my friends) say they worked off their extra weight completely without enhancement. At least Starr Jones admitted to some medical attention which was needed. Exactly! The thing that bothers me about people who have surgeries and deny it is that they're caught in a needless lie.

First of all, it's NO ONE's business, and secondly, if it helps - just do it because it was the best decision. Do you tell everyone that you DIDn't get your hair dyed or your brows waxed? Where is the crime in admitting to being able and willing to have a surgery to better your ego, your esteem, or in some cases, your health.I don't have to have the two surgeries which will most definitely target my middle section - but I sure as heck plan on it! I've had the consult, know the risks, and can't wait to do the shopping in late April. I've been very responsible with my exercise program, my dieting, all the things one is suppose to do. The doctor says I've lost 30 pounds on my own, I think it was closer to 25, but he's got a scale that I can't lie to. After I lose 10-15 more pounds ON MY OWN people, then he'll do the cutting, the pulling, the tucking, the lifting, and yes - at my request, he'll take these "D"s and make them humanly "B" again. THANK YOU GOD. (I did ask if I could donate them to a friend, the doctor said no. Sorry Niki! I tried)

So, there you have it. Mid March I do the surgery thing, April I do the shopping thing...May...well, I do the beach thing! Seattle first, Panama City second. Only because I'll be in the Space Needle's city to do a fantastic Dog Show for the U.S. Army Base Ft. Lewis....God knows I love the Army! I'd do it for free...wait, I am doing this for free!!!! Thanks Pat! Look for me Pat at the airport, I'll be the one wearing Laura's jeans and sporting that big smile and of course...walking beside a two-legged dog!

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