Friday, February 16, 2007

The Dwindling Author Part 2

Rage! Rage! Into the Night....I won't go easily into old age. I plan on laughing my head off, and dancing my butt off, literally. I call myself the Dwindling Author because I have decided to lose a total of 60 pounds from the time you may have seen me on Montel. That camera did NOT add 10 pounds, those were MINE. ( put in the words "Faith the Dog" to see the video) I was fat, and there is just simply no reason for it.

I'm healthier than that, I'm stronger than that. So, to celebrate my walk with Jesus, and the fact that I know I can do anything I set my stubborn bullish mind to - I am losing a grand total of 60 pounds. I was 190 pounds on December 6, 2005 when that video was shot, and I am now 155. I have 25 more pounds to go. I will do and the ball! The ball is my best friend. The ball loves me. The ball is NOT forgiving, and the ball holds no prisoners! I will be the winner in the end...and in my own end! HahahaBasically the diet begins with prayer every day. I also do very sensible things like eat what I'm suppose to eat, and I don't eat (much) things I'm not suppose to eat. I have been detoxing using green tea, green vegetables: brussel sprouts, brocoli, peas, and asparagus. I love these foods, so that's a good thing. Steamed and with a little favor added. I drink 60-80 ounces of water a day, and meet all nutritional values such as fatty acids, folic acids, yada yada...but the big event....the BALL.

I also go to the gym 3 times a week to work out and I use dumbells to work with on the ball. I run in place with weights and I dance, dance, dance, and then I dance somemore.This is me! This is what I will be. This is who I have always been, but I've been hiding because I was scared to come out again. I had kids to raise, an education to obtain, (Ph.D. Administration of Higher Education) work to do, books to write....well, now the tigeress is setting herself free. 8 LONG years of not being me has been too damn long. Viva la LIFE!

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